Saturday, December 17, 2016


it's snowing steady and hard today.
yesterday i had one of those days.
it could have been really really bad.
but it wasn't.
i subbed in my old school.
on the way my car made a big stink-burning rubberish.
but i had to get there.
let me report that this class of sixth graders was pretty challenging
and not at all fun.
after school the car still smelled bad.
i stopped at zone 4 to pick up the milkweed papers.
 the photo above is 'enhanced', below is not.
the sheets are WILD, WILD.
 i hand beat the fiber
the first time in too many years
 and you can see it's way underbeaten,
 but oh, it's beautiful!
after, i went to 'my' mechanic's shop
and the verdict was: a frozen brake caliper.
a woman was there picking up her car.
she turned to me, 
and it was marilyn,
one of my riding coaches from my 30's.
i hugged her probably too hard. 
it was terrific to see her. 
and she drove me the five miles home.
(i was so very happy and still am!)
where i sit, without a car, for the duration.
 my porch, just now
i will be teaching at nancy zeller's beautiful  longrigde farm 
next august,
please go over to the website and take a look. 
this year sandra brownlee and i are teaching,
(not simultaneously)
we will make clouds of pulp and 
other delights. 
if you haven't been to longridge, 
and you are considering a summer workshop,
you are in for a treat.
do join us!


  1. such beautiful textures in your milkweed paper

  2. i was a total freaky trip to let this paper be wild. i'm glad i did it.

  3. Wonderful palette in this post--all the grays, whites, beiges, and just a bit of purple whatever on your porch. Bundle up warmly. Hope you get your car back soon.

  4. thankd, alice, i've got the heat at 65 wooly sweater and ljs, the purple is amethyst from my terraphilia residency in salida colorado.

  5. The milkweed paper is so, so beautiful. How lovely it worked out to be taken home by an old friend; those unexpected moments of serendipity! Stay warm.

  6. stephanie, the day just couldn't be bad, despite all the rough spots. some days are like that! toes are cold, but all else is fine!

  7. Hi V - sorry to hear about the car - hope you have that sorted - you so depend on it. Going back iOS hard. But the bright spot is the paper - lots of texture there. Stay warm and happy. B

  8. barry, this car will be fine, subarus are north county standards! all of this and i was still so full of joy. go figure!

  9. guess a day with the hooligans reinforces the joy of being retired! Hope you get the car back quickly, not a good time to be without wheels. Keep warm, the paper looks wonderful.

  10. I love that first photo of the snow on the roof - such lovely lines.
    Some days are like snakes and ladders aren't they - so good to feel like you ended up the ladder!

  11. fiona, absolutely snakes and ladders! did you know that here it's "chutes and ladders" , snakes being, apparently, too scary for american kids...


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