Wednesday, October 25, 2017

talking with a coyote

yesterday was another weirdly warm day,
 too warm for jeans.
after supper while i was doing some fabric reclamation 
picking some really bad embroidery out of a piece of linen
to make paper with.
i heard them,
the coyote family i've been paying attention to all year.
i went out on my porch to listen, marveling at the warm evening
(and still pissed off about picking up a tick in it
in my YARD)
the family was spread out, some responding from pretty far off and then one howled
just across the road in the brush by my neighbors house, a young one!
then it barked. barked again. so i barked. quiet, then another bark. i barked.
and an exchange ensued, coyote kid and crone in training barking. 
i don't speak coyote, but i have been listening all year,
and i've never heard a single coyote bark for so long,
responding to my cadence and short barks,
so i know there was reciprocation. 
i finally stopped, afraid that that one's curiosity might tempt it across the road
which would not be good. 
my heart sang, or rather barked, all night long.
two books are brewing
a loom book and a landscape book.
loom book dummy:
it's blurry, but:

                                    and now to build a bigger and better loom book
                                              and see what my needle weaves.


  1. the thread that runs through it! i love it. this is stunning.

  2. jude, thank, i'm on the edge of something.

  3. love how you are so in tune with your land & your book is a beauty

  4. I just left our farm in Washington County NY for my birth state of Texas, where I have not lived for 45 years. An adjustment is taking place, not very comfortable. But I have seen goldenrod in the fields, and there is prickly pear in abundance, and other treasures yet unfound lurking everywhere, I am sure.

    The loom book is inspired, and I cannot wait to see where you go with it.

    I just re-found your blog after first seeing it a couple of years ago (maybe?)and just wanted to say thanks for keeping it and reminding me of something left behind.

  5. the last photograph...breathtaking....just otherworldly in its Beauty

  6. mo, i love this place, and thank you, it's a good start.
    kath, welcome back, and i can't imagine returning to texas after of luck as you do this.
    grace, thanks, the morning sunlight was playful and happy today.

  7. the dancing threads running thru the tiny booklet.

  8. sue, me, too, thanks for letting me know!

  9. Song dogs. I love them.

  10. (I didn't mean to be anonymous... :-) )

  11. stephanie, thanks for that and for loving the pups!

  12. You are a wild thing, & your book is alive!

  13. hazel, i'll eat you up, gRRRRR! and aren't all good books alive?

  14. Like being a coyote whisperer? I love the book and it’s images - they make my heart sing (but not howl!!!)

  15. fiona, i often speak in english to animals if i have the chance. but i've not barked with coyote until now!

  16. I love this book, its very self and shadows...

  17. suzanna, thank you, it's the start of something interesting


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