Friday, November 3, 2017

digging deeper

who can say why certain things...
shapes, colors, textures, 
animals, even,
who can say why they speak to you, 
to one, in a certain specific, peculiar way.
perhaps they appear in dreams or day dreams, 
maybe hormone driven, 
maybe longing
maybe something altogether 
unknown or unknowable
but for whatever reason this shield i found on facebook
a first nations thing
pleases me.

 i was looking for tiny beads to use with the loom books
(i accumulated an embarrassment of old beads)
i was looking for the greasy yellow ones.
 some live in type trays
which is ridiculous in too many ways.
these two strand sets are small and beautiful
and i see now 
that they are colors i used a long time ago in a tapestry.
 i lifted them out of the little wooden rectangle
that had become a cache.
field mice leave little stashes in my world,
and often i don't know the seeds. 
but here is, 
amongst others, 
 cottontail is large now
and doesn't show itself often.
 elsewhere in my back yard
november arrives
there is a wonderful type event happening when the morning sun 
bathes the studio table in light.
two loom books completed, one with drawing,
and soon a larger one.
today i'm pulping 3 linen shirts.
an edition is planned!


Mo Crow said...

that autumn light!

Velma Bolyard said...

mo, it's exquisite

Alice said...

A loom book! Now there's a version I hadn't considered. The book as warp. A blank book waiting for the words? The words as weft? But those great shadows! Another layer of content. Visible only in certain conditions. Secrets.

BTW, I like your label of crone in training. I'd like to adopt it. But maybe I've already crossed over the line into actual crone territory.

Velma Bolyard said...

alice, you've got it--exactly what i'm exploring--and yes, it seems that 60 is a wee bit young to be crone.

Hazel said...

Your photos- shadows, seeds, hare, land, all of it are so full of autumn's spirit. Here we're moving into winter early.

Velma Bolyard said...

hazel, this fall has been so long that i really really want to see some snow and cold.

Hazel said...

Well, then come on over! We're supposed to get some more tonight.

Velma Bolyard said...

hazel, i would, you know i would, but it's a bit far...

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