Friday, February 2, 2018

back and forth

the buddhist monk's chest holds a bunch of stuff
it's a constantly evolving surface filled with things i love.
and now there's a winged being
from aimee.
 i was away in toronto
and just before i left rudy and the boys 
brought over the lumber for my roof.

there has been some snow, 
and wind, too,
but they did work on the roof one day while i was away.
these guys tried hard to get this done
 but this crazy on and off winter has had its way 
 with the best laid plans.
 so a dark green metal will soon grace this old place.
feeling like i can get things done:
yesterday i walked three miles and then sat myself down
with h & r block and my mac
and got the damned taxes done.
up till midnight with that, but oh! it's done.
this morning i repaired my laundry basket.
 the handles had moved from functional to, 
 now they'll do for a bit.

 february is such a strange month,
short but cold,
there's a little shrine on my cupboard.
(shanna leino heart)
 and jack frost is busy 
painting frosty fern shapes
on my old storm door windows.


  1. Satisfying to see the loved stuff of others - and the winged thing is cool!

  2. It is nice to have things that are worth repairing and the ability to do it. x te

  3. love seeing the working horses, my mother traveled to school in winter by horse and sleigh, my grandfather worked his farm in Quebec with horses

  4. trace, i have enough time to do repairs these days.
    mo, in that first photo are a dairymaid and her cow--from ontario or quebec and very folksy.

  5. love the collage of "stuff". Hope the roofing is progressing. I know the feeling of relief when the taxes are done.

  6. The horse and dray? Is that photo now or 100 years ago?

  7. Love visiting here. Always something beautiful in process.

  8. jean, those taxes...another unknown form arrived and the taxes are sent away. sigh.
    barb, yes, in front of my 1860's farmhouse! except plugged into the sockets are battery pacs for the drills, etc that the crew will use. i had to buy them. they will certainly speed up the roofing process, if the snow stops and lets them back up there.
    michelle, thank you, you're always welcome over!

  9. yes february is strange.but i am enjoying the novelty of snow

  10. neki, glad that you're enjoying your snow!

  11. Hi V - artists benches and cupboard tops just seem to be ever evolving installations. Got to love the dedication of the folk who worked in such cold conditions. Go well and stay warm. B

  12. barry, this is rudy's first north country winter, having moved from pennsylvania, we're in agreement that he not work until it's warmer and snow/wind free. there are several barry items on the buddhist's cabinet.

  13. Such beautiful wings, enjoyed her video. Mending always brings deep satisfaction, more than making, I think. A "collection" lives on the low table by where I stitch, including your comforting bear for company.

  14. hazel, you would, i think, be comfortable in this chaotic making house, filed with lovelinesses from special folks. there's always too much mending to be done, and now that i have time enough to do it i may catch up.


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