Wednesday, February 28, 2018

really big doings

in the past little while my old farmhouse
got spiffed up.
rudy and henry and levi
risked falling on (off?) the steep old roof,
but they persevered and there it is
the whole house is clothed.
moreover, two crumbly and useless chimneys disappeared,
the one useful and rather nice one remains.
two porch roofs and the garage remain.
but this morning they're back, working on them.
back after they got started with sugaring.
these three men have just recently moved here from pennsylvania.
the land is cheap and it's possible to live well here
if you like hard work.
they do.

both rudy and henry looked at my for sale place and passed on it.
on sunday two paper and book friends were here
both of them had looked at my for sale house the other time years ago
but i pulled it off the market.
and now my house looks better than it did years ago.
having three uninsured men walking around on your very steep roof
is worrying.
i can't watch-it's better if i stay away, but not too far.
i was very aware of every untoward clatter and thump.
it was the worst when they chimneys went down.
my amish workers were somewhat taken aback by my dining room.
rudy asked if they might eat inside everyday,
to warm up and get out of the wind.
there is all that "stuff" on the walls and
piling up my work areas.
unlike other "english" i have no dishwasher, tv, microwave, or dryer.
but i do have an imac (they did appreciate the weather reports).
worlds collide, i think, more often than not.
handling that can make us better people or  monsters.
it's our choice.
they're working again this morning, 
and i wish i could show you their faces but their religion eschews photography
which is why my photos are surreptitious.
i want to share this, as respectfully as i can.
it's very important to me.


  1. This is ever so lovely a blog post, Velma. I would enjoy getting to know three Amish men, come to help work on my house. Perfect. xo

  2. morna, thank you for telling me this. our worlds are very different, but we are all human beans (as the bfg said) and learning about and accepting differences is vital to being human.

  3. x fingers for the new family who will fall in love with your beautiful old house shows up very soon!

  4. I love your world view Velma xxx

  5. mo, thanks for the good wishes, and now they can see this beautiful roof!
    felicity, it's a beautiful world...and thank you

  6. You have shared this very respectfully, poetically really. By not showing the men we can focus on your words, your storytelling without distraction. The photos you did use engage the imagination, pulling us along. I too would like to have this experience.

  7. nancy, thank you for this feedback. i really appreciate it. may i add that keeping the money in our community, instead of hiring "roofs R us" or some large firm, also makes me happy.

  8. your wonderful photos record a very different life style. I hope the roof is finished and your experience with the roofers was special for all of you. Hopefully soon, someone will be impressed with the new roof and your lovely old farmhouse and be happy to call it home.

  9. jean, may your wishes come true! i am so happy to have a safe hat on this old place.


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