Sunday, March 4, 2018

flax and roof

they arrived early most days,
between 7 and 8 and stayed until almost dark.
this is rudy
shortly before hauling up 4 x 8 foot metal roofing
and here is my old ark of a house 
in all her soft green glorious sheathing.
and then, well, rudy spoke with me about siding...
indoors i've been messing around with flax and stitch,
charlie's flax here with my stitching.
making lots of small papers
and reading this book which excites me no end.
i bought some old hemp from sri
which i love
and intend to put to good use.
notice the stitching here.
can you guess the stitching material?
notice these squares.
can you guess fiber and pigment?
they really look good together
these colors
i'd like a nice soft red with them.
actually, i'd like all the colors
i was a happy woman to order
and receive
a LOT of indigo
kitchen papermaking.
mould by britt quinlin, the paperwright

my next splurge will be a lot of flax.
i've used up almost all of the 10 pounds i ordered last fall.
and today there was a breakthrough of sorts
but i am too tired to mess around with blogger and pictures and stuff
so it'll have to wait some. 
i've offered a friend a book, but if she doesn't want it,
i may offer it up to you all. 
my first ever contest,


  1. love the roof adventures. is that your old place or the new one?
    jealous about your indigo lot.
    some beauty lies ahead. not to mention those stitched papers.

  2. love the paper, tried to get the book, the only place that will have it is Barnes and Noble, but not until April

  3. neki, this is my old place, the new one has the older roof now (3 years). this is enought indigo to make a library of indigo pages!
    susan, i bought the book directly from Bard college, if i can find the link i'll send it to you, but try googling to bard college publications

  4. Your papers are gorgeous, and I'm guessing they're made of flax. The stitching, I'm going to guess flax again!

  5. thanks, sharmon, the paper here is flax, and the stitching on that piece is done with waxed linen, not my favorite because it's not pure beeswax which i prefer.

  6. The stitching on your flax paper is delicious and I have no words for that indigo ....
    Have been so interested to read and see from your photographs, surreptitiously, the work being done on your roof. What a way for workmen to arrive and though they hay have been surprised by your dining room initially, I imagine that if they allow themselves, they will find rich reward from all that is around them in your home.

  7. susan, thank you for your words. i'm loving learning about flax. the amish guys are good neighbors, but their world is so different from ours. they seemed curious, just looking, but no questions asked.

  8. oh, love that indigo and the paper The codex book is available from in the U.K. they don't charge postage, I've used them for several years, very reliable.

  9. jean, so much indigo!!! the codex book is available directly from Bard Graduate school, which might be cheaper in the US...i can't remember if I paid postage or not. but i've used the book depository before and liked them.

  10. This post is stuffed full of goodness! I have so enjoyed your roof stories/photos.
    Boy, lucky friend!! When you post your papers (plain or stitched), I just want to run my fingers over them. They must feel great! Can't wait to see lots of blue over here!

  11. nancy, you're so right about how those flax papers feel. stitching on them is a haptic delight


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