Thursday, March 8, 2018

getting it right

when you get something right
even if it's only to please yourself
it feels really good.
this one is pretty big.
and waits
 for someone to work into it.
maybe me, who knows.
 all 10.5 x 12 inches of it
and believe me if i could photograph it well
you would be hooting and hollering, too.
er, maybe not...
 contact prints
 and handmade flax, hemp
 more prints,
just a series of folios,
some gatefolds
and paper you can work into.
 this has been sitting on my work table
waiting for tweaking,
which i did today
just before i sewed it together. 
and because i had to show someone,
i'm showing  you.


  1. so so incredibly RIGHT....!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks, grace, but oh, revisiting this, my photography stinks for sure.

  3. it'd good to love something.

  4. trace, thank you. i love how big it is, and how light in my hands.
    jude, yes

  5. that is amazing! Your colors and the depth of the prints are so lovely

  6. lee, thanks, i am so pleased with it. and it's just a large, slender sketchbook!

  7. It looked like one could work into it from the start. I am not a paper artist; I use a different form of fabric -- but that book could still be embroidered...preferably in hand-dyed threads, maybe silk...

    Or written over in beautiful script with beautiful ink...words that bring love and light and grace and thoughtfulness...

    Either way...It's lovely!

  8. This is so beautiful, Velma! The colors, the patterns ... utterly lovely.

  9. margaret, it was constructed to show off the paper AND what is added to it.
    morna, thank you. it feels good when it's right

  10. a book to explore the gentle beauty of place

  11. mo, it seems that way... until all hell breaks loose in a big storm!

  12. yep. just like getting on the right bus and enjoying the ride.

  13. It looks luscious. I love the circles, both the clear round ones, and the organic multitude of small ones.

  14. (Ha. I see I only typed "Haze", exactly how I feel.)

  15. hazel, thanks for letting me know it was you! i'm clear today-an hour out on snowshoes helped! thanks about the circles. contact prints love circles.


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