Thursday, July 5, 2018

blue and yellow

 indigo and silk.
stitching on the indigo flax paper is making me so happy!
 working this surface is very different than sewing with linen or kami-ito
the silk is easy and wide.
you can see that one french knot made an appearance.
so far.
 little filaments all stuck together with seracin 
 there are little dots on the paper's surface
that showed up with the dyeing
i'm exploiting dot-ness.
 this double sheet was made at pbi.
the inclusions are rubberbands that were sliced when removing
from another of Mary's projects.
i'm happy to give them this new life
playing with their shapes and, of course, poking holes.
truly, more holes may appear.
and knots.
and stitches.
the heat we're having interferes with hot projects,
but i have made a bunch more big sheets of heavy flax.
going to bring them home today.


  1. what a beauty love the colours

  2. I like all the holes and the french knot too, nice color combo!

    Corrine |

  3. mo, thank you
    nancy, sweet!
    corrine, thanks!

  4. So pretty, reminiscent of the layers of a rolling mountainous landscape with those rubber bands. :)

  5. barbara, when i started weaving miniatures i didn't even know until after i was making them that they were landscapes. landscape is so much in me, i feel so grateful to live in the country, on the edge of the ADK.

  6. Oh, this must be so much fun to stitch! reminds me of lava, moonscapes, or otherworldly planetscapes. Makes my fingers tingle! Neat!

  7. Oh Velma,
    dot-ness delight!!!!
    Stitching is such a wonderful way to interact with the paper again.

    Barb Adams |

  8. alisa, the stitching is good work, and it makes my hands happy.
    barb, yes! dots and dots and lines and lines. you are a fine paper-stitcher yourself!

  9. Love the variety of terrain in this, especially the dots. Was stitching orange on blue today, self cheering.

  10. Oh my V - this beyond belief beautiful and wonderful. I love it so much. Please continue the journey into this landscape for us!

  11. V - the contrast of the orange against the grey-blue is delightful. B

  12. really loving the imagery and texture of this piece Velma. have no idea of the size of it but it is certainly suggestive of landscape. Love the happenstance holes and those you are adding too.

  13. hazel, sometimes i think i ONLY make landscapes. the colors are delicious.
    fiona, thank you! i so appreciate this. it's just a small stitched thing.
    barry, i know-those colors. definitely colours.
    susan, i just measured it--10 x 14 inches. it's very textural and smells of flax and indigo...and holey, now, too!

  14. lovely!
    cool air, did you get some...

  15. jude, yes, it's lovely now, even hot today, but cooler.
    susan, thank you

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