Monday, November 30, 2009

november light, 4 pm

...and then this as i drive up into the foothills where i live after work. rain to snow to rain to sun back to snow. early winter, all right. at a horsefarm with one of my students today, we slogged through thick mud. 
i had intentions of taking pictures of my work table, but it has vanished under an indoor snowstorm of stuff moved off the dining table and other work in progress. i don't know why i work in this chaos, but it doesn't worry me at all. i remember long ago when i realized i work best with at least four pieces going at once. who cares? 

so, i promise some fiber soon. the IAPMA (international association of hand paper makers and paper artists) bulletin came in the mail today, and with helmut becker's flax covers, i'm about to settle in for a good read. thanks to gail stiffe and her crew for their dedicated work. 


jude said...

its been a lovely warm fall here and now i realize i miss that early snow. what a lovely frosting.

Velma said...

the snow tires are on, the wood stove installed. i still need to wax my skis.

aimee said...

the snow was falling as i worked away today! ben brought his skis, boots, and poles back from MA and they have invaded my closet.

neki desu said...

lovely' cold here too, but sunny.

Laurie said...

Very nice! I love your work. I've added you to my "idea farm." I'm jonesing to make paper again but I injured my hand two months ago. I made a very small batch last night and your beautiful paper will inspire me to get well and make more.

Velma said...

i'm sorry to hear about a hand injury. nasty.

papergail said...

Thanks Velma,
I hope you enjoyed the Bulletin, those covers are very special aren't they?

Velma said...

oh, gail, they are nifty nifty and more nifty. years ago i, too, made some very similar sheets from my own flax.

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