Sunday, November 29, 2009


i've been participating in a discussion about teaching and storytelling, jobs given to artists, among others. (i also said i don't rely on quotes much, and that turns out to be an untruth, since i actually do.)

The Arapahos say that there are only so many stories in the universe, and from time to time, the stories allow themselves to be told. And when they do, they choose the storyteller. I second that. The idea for a story drops into your head because—you know what?—you have been chosen to tell that story.        
-Margaret Coel

i think she's right.

telling a story is what art is, i think. 
these pictures i took on a walk today remind me this is november, not very cold yet, but with dead light promising early dark, murky rain, possibly ice or snow. probably only a little. but can you see how beautiful it is? whose story is this?


jude said...


La Dolce Vita said...

hi! I just found your blog while out surfing this am... it is lovely! welcome to bloglandia! I agree, art is storytelling! ciao!

Velma said...

and today the story is covered in white, same gray sky, peeps of brilliant light.

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