Tuesday, January 8, 2013


i've walked her
 a little
 during this
 very nasty flu
 and went to work today
 maybe not the best idea
the snow is melting
it's said this is the hottest year since recording temperatures
50 degree weather is predicted
but it is beuatuful


  1. I want snow. Winter. Normal. sigh.
    Get better Velma....you have had a rough few months of it.

  2. nancy, me, too. i don't want it to be 50 in january. that's not a thaw, it's weird.

  3. it's not weird, it's scary and wrong. but supposedly *I* am the extreme one :) all i want thawing is your flu!

  4. 50... that IS wierd. 40's here. Not sure if we're heading up that high. We NEED that cold, as much as folks complain, we really, really need it for sooo many reasons.

    I hope you will be feeling very much better soon, especially with all those walks - that flush the lymphs :)

    I'm climbing slowly out of the sick-hole here, but I'm foggy headed and still stuffed up and not chipper or energetic.

  5. aimee, caught myself at work in total bitch mode. cranky and miserable.
    valerie, well, let;s hope the prediction is WAY off. it was, however, noaa--

  6. we haven't even had snow yet here in my part of the planet...so these pictures at least tell me - it's out there. hospital emergency room in chi-town are turn people away because of the flu...the major trauma centers are giving out referrals to smaller hospitals - and 108 degrees down under! even so - hope you are on the mend - wendy looked like a little horse as a thumbnail on my blog list - keep going

  7. henrietta, thank goodness i don't have to be hospitalized, or, as so many without health insurance do, use the e.r. as their doc. i'll tell wendy, she'll like that!

  8. Oh dear... I just looked at noaa... it says 47 for here for Saturday. nooooooooo...

  9. valerie, it really scares me. really. and oz and tasmania are burning up.

  10. Oh my dears--how I want to make words shift the sad sick away and turn the weather back to where it's s'posed to be, where it was in days of yore. i'll just light a candle and think of you all well, and dream of snow.

  11. ms. thank you. just is everything.

  12. Velma, the snow must stop you in your tracks, from inside yourself as well as from outside yourself.
    I've no idea what it's like. I respect all those who bear it.
    A special hello to your dog. I know how it is we feel for them.
    ( I'd still love to live in some snow... )

  13. faisal, may you walk (or even ski) in snow someday soon.


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