Tuesday, February 19, 2013

no supper

so we drove into the mountains
 and it was cold
 and the late day light 
picked out bits of brilliant color
 and then in the distance
 the mountains took on a decidedly 
stunning appearance
 i haven't seen the adirondacks
look so amazing in ages
new snow on the high peaks
in the distance 
but sadness at our goal:
saranac lake and casa del sol,
my favorite restaurant,
has closed.
i first went there over thirty years ago,
i took my kids when they were babies and
celebrated many special days there
end of an era.


  1. I forgot how pretty the Adirondacks are. I used to live upstate and we would go camping at a lake there. I think it was called Nine Corner lake but my memory could be incorrect. My first husbands family was from that area. It was so pretty.

    Lovely photos.

  2. oh, no!! :( but the drive still looks wonderful.

  3. Such beauty in those moutnains... and the SKY!

    Too bad when a great place closes....

  4. roberta, i don't know that lake, but there are hundreds! i live a few miles from the blue line, the edge of the forest preserve.
    aimee, yes, we were SO disappointed. and it was beautiful, the mountains really put on a show.

  5. valerie, indeed. i was shocked, it was always such a busy and upbeat place.

  6. ...but those beautiful mountains will be there for centuries and centuries...

  7. The beauty up there. Those trees look on tender fire.

    NOT fair, to drive with a taste in your mouth anticipating your favorite meal, Hate that.

    Something better will appear to replace it one day ?

  8. i so miss this place...but saranac lake is one incredible town, even without casa.

  9. The closings are the new reality, I am afraid. Folks can't pay their gas bills let alone eat out. Restaurants are tough to run in tough times.
    Your capture of the Adirondacks is gorgeous! One day I must see them.
    And my robot code is astough!

  10. nancy, you're right, but i never thought they would close (though one of the former owners has died). you really MUST see these mountains.

  11. Roz and I drove through there on our way to visit you...your pix are prettier!

  12. india, i can't remember when the mountains looked this beautiful.

  13. Ahhh...such gorgeous photos/views! And I hate those kinds of endings.

  14. nancy, the 1.5 hour drive was always worth it...i'll still go for other things...


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