Sunday, November 24, 2013

guess where…

i will be in february, over winter break?
i will be teaching three classes.
the first will be at amazing and wonderful
in Melbourne.
we will be working on paper as/on/in textile
in BOOK format.
a codex will be made by every participant
'twill be a medieval style
with very contemporary implications.
your very personal marks
maybe not words, though, but you'll be making
the stationer's binding.
a medieval version of a three ring binder,
only with tackets and hideyholes.
my amazing friend
and proprietor of Beautiful Silks
Marion Gorr says there will be
a couple of surprises, too
a dyepot or more,
imagine: indigo, cochineal, ecoprints…
making paper sing.
making paper string.
making paper speak and listen.
and then after Melbourne,
i will be in a more faraway place called
where i will teach first a two, 
then a four day workshop!
enough time to delve lightly, 2 days,
or deeply, 4 days, into shifu making
shifu Shifu SHIFU!
we will spin and weave and color up our
paper/thread/books. the four days
will be enough time to go very deeply 
into a formal book presentation of your shifu.
you will reach a bit,
work hard,
and expect some amazing work.
 i am very excited
and i am hoping like mad
that the weather gods smile on this winter traveler!


Valerianna said...

How exciting!! I'm sure you will have some wonderful, summery weather. Speaking of which, BRRRRR... !

Ms. said...

Perfect escape and work/ Brilliant. I'm for sure letting Mo Crow know tonight before I leave for Thanksgiving! YAY~!

Penny said...

I will be one of your week end students at the Grampians, it could be very hot, like last year or rather nicer, or wet like the year before!
Looking forward to it as I know nothing about shifu!

Anonymous said...

fantastic - wonderful. lucky students. ooh,oh, I'm going to sleep with papery thoughts of you in Auz.

Barry said...

V- looks like down under could become your winter break away. We might even get to see you. Cheers. B

Kaija said...

Amazing news! I look forward to a report afterwards :) Also, your little books are simply gorgeous!

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, yes, it will be a huge break, i will struggle, as always, with the (which) clothes issue!
ms, thanks! it will be a grand time!
penny, i can't even imagine very but it will be mild and that's great. looking forward to seeing you!
jean, thanks for your wonderful words!
barry, YAY!!!
kaija, thank you, and thank you for those words, coming from a fine binder like yourself they are precious indeed.

jude said...

congratulations, a wonderful opportunity and recognition.

Diana Angus said...

Some day I will catch up with you to learn more about shifu, but not in Australia. Safe travel when you go.

mjc said...

RayHoo! Congratulations!

Velma Bolyard said...

jude, thanks, that's IT exactly
diana, i hope so!
melissa, rayhoo!!! and thanks.

Judy Martin said...

Well done and well deserved, Velma.
Australia will be perfect for you. A good break.

Mo Crow said...

X fingers you will have a bit of spare time to come and stay with me & Old Man Crow here in Sydney this time Velma! We'll show you the town!

Velma Bolyard said...

judy, thanks. if i can work through the hell of visa paperwork…
mc, thanks, i'm on a tight schedule as i'm on break from school, though

neki desu said...

fantastic! and great to skip into a week of warm weather and sunshine and leave the cold behind.

Felicity said...

yay! I'm booked in for your Beautiful Silks workshop - so looking forward to it.

And it is likely to be pretty warm :)

Velma Bolyard said...

felicity, YAY right back! i'm so happy you'll be joining us!

Long Ridge Farm said...

Congrats, Velma! Don't worry about the weather, life is short.

Velma Bolyard said...

thanks, nancy, i will tough it out. i just hope major snow falls around my route not on it!

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