Wednesday, November 13, 2013

oh very tired!

it arrived yesterday.
it's beautiful.
a really nifty book.
 out the window this morning there still was snow.
it was 20 degrees. cold.
i've been tutoring two hours after school
this week.
i'm very tired,
but it's worth it. 
he's coming along.
i, however, am slowly fading away. 
10 hour days plus travel
are a bit much.
but then there's the book!
Shifu Sanka
waits at home with a few others
capturing my attention.
(more on those in a litttle bit.)


carolyn6425 said...

Is the cover shifu? $80 for a book is a bit much for me. Convince me that it's worth it!

india flint said...

ah snow

Anonymous said...

snow? yikes. born and brought up in the north - I'm very happy to live as far south in Canada as possible. my book hasn't arrived yet,waiting impatiently.

neki desu said...

something we hardly ever get. snow that is.
take care of yourself.

Fiona Dempster said...

Long days for sure Velma. Hope the book renews and refreshes you a wee bit. Go well.

Barry said...

V - I love photos through screens - seems to add a lovely filter to the photos - filtered snow. B

Velma Bolyard said...

carolyn, it is a big book, rich and well researched. there are wo samples included, even a piece of mrs sakurai's shifu. it is expensive. it IS worth it.
india, it is!
jean, of course i can't wait for more!
neki, you had some last year, if i remember right? this fall isn't much, but it has stayed.
fiona, thanks! it's special
barry, i was too lazy to get my coat and go out for my photos!

Alice said...

Yes, a good book helps. Don't wear yourself out.

Valerianna said...

That does sound like a grueling kind of day... hoping the coming weekend will offer you inspiring moments to sit with the book and dream.

jude said...

baby it's cold outside

Velma Bolyard said...

alice, i am wearing out…the kid needs it and the pay is good.
valerie, yawn…
jude, yep--it was over 40 today, felt like a heat wave.

therese said...

~ the boundless energy you have, Velma....really ~ here's hoping you find some time to rest and read and stay so inspired.

Velma Bolyard said...

but, therese, i AM so tired. i need, however, a good long hike!

Votedwithourforks said...

My copy of the book arrived yesterday. Definitely worth it!I'm just starting to dip in. There is so much information and the two samples included are so beautiful, not to mention fine!Even a quick dip has shown me that this is a reference book that I can come back to again and again.
Perhaps if Carolyn feels the book is too expensive then she could ask her local library to purchase a copy.
Thankyou for the recommendation.

Velma Bolyard said...

v, i'm glad you feel this way. thank you. i feel that this book is a real treasure. by the way, your "name" is rather unusual!

Votedwithourforks said...

Our 'name' was borrowed from Michael Pollan, we are great fans of his writing. I chose it when we first started blogging about our food garden.

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