Saturday, November 16, 2013

today's journey

"you're not a human on a spiritual journey, you're a spirit on a human journey."
a quote from a pine ridge organizer of skateboarding youth
think on this--
 my neighbor's small barn, 
with stripy roof
 wild cuke, looks like my hair
 when mine first dries this happens
 last night when i stepped into the shower
i saw this small one
 after the shower it went outside
how do these guys get in my house?
mice galore this fall-
many, many trapped so far.
 today i went to lake placid
to drop off five works for an invitational show
the big little art show
opening next friday, should you be in the area.
don't know if i'll make the opening, but four of the rock books will appear. 
the fifth is too BIG.
 i went all the way to keene valley
 a somewhat dizzying drive when the leaves are off
 but it was beautiful
 at home there are a few things i wanted to share: from carol
 from therese
 carol's new book is out
 a wonderul gift from frank
 he certainly has a lot to say about spuds
and the like
i'm reading this,
another very fine book.
 and these came
 elissa campbell's work

yep, i won these!!!
and this guy got none of my 
excellent potato salad from
the lakeside deli in saranac lake.
it was watching, waiting.


Anonymous said...

books are even more special when you win them - well done. super pictures, as always. could you be known as a cute cuke??

Valerianna said...

Woolly bears... inside, I do wonder? I seem to have a LOT of mice this year, too, or one who gets around and leaves small, brown offerings everywhere. My furry mouse trap seems to want to sleep more at night now than parole the dark rooms... so, more brown things here and there. Great stock of books and prizes, on my!

Ms. said...

what views--all that white--far as the eye can see
and all those wonderful books...oh my, such riches
you must be bursting in smiles
WHAT are those leaves that look like flattened bugs?

ronnie said...

oh myyyy all those books look delish-ee-ous! (and look - there's the word 'bibliophile'... how can I go past that eh???)

roz said...

saranac lake , might we have driven thru there ? i should remember, i was navigator making all the decisions. that name sounds like i should have, even if i didn't, but i think i did !

Gardener in the Distance said...

It might have been a dizzying drive but you write an undizzying narrative Velma.
I hope you won more than a plastic bag or was that it?
Best to you.

Velma Bolyard said...

jean, thanks. i can't be known as cute anything!
valerie, my theory is where's there's one, there's 10. by that calculation i'm in deep trouble.
ms, the mountains were clothed that way for miles
the leaves are bugs: phyllium pulchrifolium, P celebecium,P giganteum, P bioculatum
ronnie, yes, bibliophilia
roz, probably, or through tupper lake. saranac lake is my favorite town in the north country
faisal, thanks. you're too funny-the plastic bag held elissa'a books!

jude said...

everything here is beautiful. we plugged up every hole and there are no mice this year. inside. spiders yes.

Velma Bolyard said...

jude, how in the world did you plug every hole? YAY for you.everyone is where they belong. almost. spiders do like wood.

neki desu said...

what a book feast!

Velma Bolyard said...

neki, yes, i'm lucky

Heather said...

Funny, I just signed "On Paper" out of the library today. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Velma Bolyard said...

heather, it's quite good. the man can tell a good story and writes very very well.

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