Sunday, September 20, 2015

other edges, rich as usual

 the last evening walk here i noticed a few things.
 i love this deep duff,
where humus is built, and the creeping 
and the many-leggeds 
 further on down the road i looked back
to see a long me
stretching across the hay meadow
 right before i came to its edge.
and again i thought,
how rich this edge is.
thinking of the ecotone that holds
huge fecundity,
the very opposite of monoculture.
even the color is beautiful.

 having just made milkweed paper
and having seen a few monarch butterflies this year 
(thank goodness)
i give you pods, though some have already burst.
 i continued on to find these bracts almost 
grey dogwood berries
food of birds including woodcock
who nested close, 
i saw them many times this summer.
sun is usually setting on my way home
and the warm weather that night 
didn't warn (exactly) that in two nights we would be
on the edge of frost.
they say it might come tonight
over ten days later than normal.
a speedy whitetail visitor escaped 
my lens
 on saturday we went for maple syrup
and found this
 at home i went through the mail
 and found some nice things,
tom and rima's little thank you book 
for helping with crowdsourcing hedgespoken
shown here with the cloth book i'm making
 and the catalog from 
dorothy caldwell's exhibition
i love these marks
 i just called the art gallery of peterborough
and they most graciously posted this to me.
and i found out that my credit card had issues,
as we say,
those issues made it impossible to use again
the charges were dropped.
finishing up the odd ball copies
the ones i played with a little
 we are almost ready to launch the book
i had some stitching to do on a few
 so a few of them will have mendings
we decided that was ok. 
even good.
november, a map is almost ready,


therese said...

yes ! mendings increase value exponentially... feels so right.
& just love what you're doing w/ your red shop cloth-gift from sb.
you're in it.

Velma Bolyard said...

therese, in it as much as i can manage! YOU know--

ronnie said...

ahhhhhh I want to lie back and just drink in your post.... it elicits a sense of hopefulness (for me at any rate) --- i hope I can manage to see that november promise xxx

Mo Crow said...

your photos always take me back in time & space to my grandma's house in Hemmingford Quebec

Trace Willans said...

Oh yes the mended ones will definitely be the best ones. and that catalogue what a treasure. x te

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures - living on the edge here, too. November, a Map looks wonderful, and the mended ones will be very special indeed.

aimee said...

ahhh, it's all wonderful! how well i know that mending trick; it's comforting to see yours in progress. i just did some yesterday. LOVE what is happening on the red.

Roxanne said...

Just a little, little, wishing for a taste of autumn frost. And a catalog, and a book and some milkweed paper... keeping my shop cloth close at hand. xo

Corrine at said...

Love your edges, so much life there always in the edges of things. Your red cloth is looking beautiful. I've yet to touch mine, keep it a bit sacred I think. Saw one monarch, felt blessed. Glad you saw more. xox

Velma Bolyard said...

mo, i always forget that you have a north country (that's not north country, exactly) connection. very much in the neighborhood.
trace, i hope so, i like them very much!
jean, thanks, i hope they hold together well and happily, i loved sewing htem
aimee, yes, big stitches for little tears. tears.
roxanne, using mine up just because it feels so good.
corrine, i remember the days of flocks of monarchs, may they come again.

Sharmon Davidson said...

All the edges here are wonderful; I love the edges of the milkweed pods. I, too, have seen a few monarchs this year. Your book is lovely and the mended ones will be even more special... congrats on having almost finished it!

Velma Bolyard said...

sharmon, thank you and hurrah for a few and a few more monarchs.

Barry said...

Hi V - so much covered in one post - but my favourite photos were of the little fungi reaching up on their slender stalks - fed by the humus. A changing time of the year for you. Go well. B

Velma Bolyard said...

barry, i KNOW those little mushrooms were so nifty!

Fiona Dempster said...

I love that late low light...and the stitching, and the mending and the hope for november...go well and enjoy the magic moments.

Velma Bolyard said...

fiona, what you've written i take as a blessing. thank you

Judy Martin said...

I love the markings of the needle holes. xo

Velma Bolyard said...

judy, i made those holes with an awl that i made myself!

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