Thursday, September 17, 2015


 i found that there was a bit
of wet pulp about myself
last saturday
that i removed and placed on the dashboard.
a reminder of who i am
what i do.
i am a papermaker.
 i used to remove pulp
from the tiny hairs on my forearms
in the line at the grocery store
or at the library, searching for a good book.
 i am also a teacher, 
and the above jiggly photo was taken on my way to work
one morning this week.
below is recorded the time and temperature.
we've had a week of very warm weather 
for september.
and that little piece of paper pleases me.
that evening i walked and looked at the light
which is going so quickly now
but the colors, like the temperatures,
have been slow to change.
but change it will.
and this is what i know,
despite me digging in my heels,


aimee said...

change is always, whether we like it or not! love the bits of pulp here and there. i had to pull some off my forearms on monday.

Mo Crow said...

a way of defining the within from without

Barry said...

Hi V - good to have these little reminders of who we are at the core. And yes those colours are changing. Go well. B

neki desu said...

59F=19C and that's chilly over here
theory of relativity ;)

Velma Bolyard said...

aimee, that pulp! everywhere!
mo, love this
barry, just getting back to the cyber world after our first cool night, frost predicted tonight. i noticed the green is disappearing
neki, ha!

Roxanne said...

It belonged to you, all along.

Velma Bolyard said...

roxanne, thanks for reminding me. you're right of course.

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