Sunday, December 13, 2015

a little wild

the book page that i was weaving
from lokta kami-ito
took off somehow
and became a sampler of crazy
 so this book that i had in mind
might be another altogether.
  the pages wanted to hang out
                                                         with therese's shifu
 and then i had to make a book mark
or another book
or a longcloth.
a small longcloth.
 there remains enough kami-ito
from one sheet of lokta
to make two more 2.5 inch square pages
with milkweed
and a little bit of thread to sew with
left over.
 i love leftovers.
 bits of beauty that are marks of abundance
 grapes now in the pot on my stove
 making prints.
 landskeins visible as dusk returns.
 aimee sent some more abundance


  1. Your weaving is beautiful I love the way it has taken off and the milkweed papers lovely. I don't think we get milkweed here I don't know what it is.

  2. It is always seems like a wonder for me how you prepare and usw paper like! It looks so fine. Hoping this year I will share be a bit more time for paper and a bot less for wool.

  3. debbie, why thank you, it's so 1970's and so contemporary. slits and strips of paper with stitch. layers here.
    brigit, i love wool, love working with it (i truly love washing wool!) and how it loves color...and i loved my sheep. but it seems that paper is the thing now, from harvesting fiber to weaving it up and all the steps in between. please let me know when paper comes into your life--i want very much to see what you do!

  4. Til now I just tryed papermaking from old, used papers and ones I added some mashed mushrooms which I dyed wool before. This paper was more brittle. There is no chance to learn practice from a teacher/workshop here, so I learn by trial-and-error.

  5. maybe you could make a shifu patchwork!

  6. kami ito! kami can also mean deity so it's your call :)
    beutiful photos, as ever.

  7. birgit, try finding the book written by hiroko karuno. good information.
    jude, it has occurred to me in context with you...
    neki, oh, i like that.

  8. Thanks, I've found her, watch her spinning and when you write about the book. "Beauty from necessity lässt forever." Yes.

  9. birgit, hiroko is amazing, and her words ring (albeit quietly) completely true. she is another of my heroes!


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