Thursday, December 24, 2015

peace and love

peace dove and carved heart
(thanks to barry and shanna)
 to all of you, friends in the ethers,
happy holidays.
i keep christmas in a quiet way.
whatever day is yours
may it be lovely and paeceful.
of special note: 
this christmas eve morning i've opened the house to a warm breeze.


  1. Merry Christmas to you, Velma! The weather certainly has been strange - we slept with the window open last night.

  2. Merry Christmas Velma, Thinking of you, it is a quiet Christmas here as well, x te

  3. thanks, trace, can't wait to see YOU.

  4. Merry Christmas, Velma. Hope your quiet days are filled with long walks and good food. May the love of family and friends keep you warm (even if you don't need it this year). All the rain we are getting at sea level is snow on the mountains, the ski hills are counting their loonies! Up early, waiting for the grandkids to phone and all the insanity to start.

  5. jean, as much as i want snow, and i do, this weird warm winter is what nature is giving, so i'm grateful.blessing, to you!

  6. peace love and still warm breezes here.

  7. yes. hard frost this morning, 26 degrees. seems like winter, with some heavy weather predicted. ...maybe...

  8. it's been warm up there in the North Countries and cool down here in the Land Down Under, we live in a bipolar world hehe!

  9. yep, it's weird. today it's cooler though.

  10. Hi V - hope you had a peace and joy filled day. Vibes from down under. B

  11. Hello Velma,

    I made it over to your blog. Don't fall over. I might even have to visit my own blog next!

    Sending you my very best seasons greetings, good health, good cheer & much creating whenever there's time & space!

    If I can see you in OZ I will!

    S xx

  12. sophie!!! welcome. the good thing: if you are not blogging tons is than you are tons busy. i have my fingers crossed about maybe seeing you in person!


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