Wednesday, December 30, 2015


a word,
is clanging around in my head.
 i suppose i will look 
 and see why
i suppose it's a point of view.
i suppose it's connected to gratitude.
 it's everywhere.
winter has finally appeared 
with ice and snow and slippery roads.
 our beautiful earth
abundant in the ways we need.
if we are willing
to do the work
we will share in this

i am thinking about this word


  1. i do love where your heart is going .... your visual story today is compelling and has your "signature" all over it... pure magic as always. xo

  2. ah, therese, it's just what is here.

  3. Peace be unto thee and thine in the new year ...

  4. liz, i love your language! thee and thine!

  5. ha. i've been pondering that same word.
    possibly triggered by a cheese (called
    no, seriously. it's the word that came to me on my birthday this year. seems to be acting as a guiding light already.
    and being abundant
    i'm sure it has room for more than one!
    happy new year.

  6. india, oh, yes, by definition i suppose it belongs to lots of us. and i don't usually have a word for the year, but all this warm month it's been hollering PAY ATTENTION!

  7. so lovely you are getting the winter weather you appreciate, a time of year considered dormant and yet you find the abundance in it all and share it with your readers. thank you.

  8. jean, your comment reminded me that i wrote another post "abundance" in fall 2011. i think i love this word. i also love gratitude. for friends, like you. thanks.

  9. thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you Velma

  10. Abundance is just such a rich word isn't it? It offers so much. I like generosity too - my favourite of all human qualities I think. Lovely lovely shots of your season, thank you.

  11. V - so many images of abundance - good for us to pause sometimes to register just how much we have in many ways. Love the simplicity and abundant negative space in the moon photo. Peace. B

  12. fiona and barry, yes. your comments came through this morning stuck to the last post entitled abundance...i clearly have a "thing" about this word...and maybe you two do to.


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