Tuesday, May 17, 2016

there are spring things

it's certainly springing out there,
but it's been a bit chilly
these cattails 
are still 
sending seeds out into infinity
at the new place
the fiddleheads unfurl
and ferns of many kinds
perk up
inside an envelope
with a check for two of my books
was a little gift
for me
which made me happy.
i witnessed this nest
taken off a bad spot
for birds
very much like the nests for my new shifu books.
the fiber in here
included sheetrock tape!
and the trillium at the new place
carpets the woods.
it's spring
and i've made peace with the change.


  1. This post is like a visual/word poem. Beautiful!

  2. sharmon, why thank you! it's been one of those seasons...not an easy transition

  3. we seem to have missed Spring here and went right into Summer. Same thing in Japan, the day I left Osaka the temp. was in the mid 20's C.

  4. jean, are you back in the saddle yet? spring is lingering long here.

  5. V- the change in the season to spring just gives such hope and renewal. Be renewed and energised. B

  6. I have a robin's nest with 3 blue eggs in my studio window. I feel blessed. I leave the window open so any heat from the house warms mother robin. I keep the curtain over the window so that any movements are not too startling.

    You are very lucky to have a carpet of trillium.

    Happy spring x

  7. judy, lucky you both! trillium are amazing this spring--over at the new place, so like the lake country in ontario


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