Sunday, May 8, 2016


daffodils on my table
soft scent of cool windy spring
the earliest tree flowers
have become baby leaves.
the woods is closing in.
making homes for the babies.
my babies are in their 30's now. 
and both remembered me this day.
and i remember my mom
who had the birth name of
my legacy.
 indoors this week
i've been making samples
and shifu pages
for books.
next weekend i am going to 
but as usual, i am not wanting the drive.
these days i only want to fly west,
drive east.
maybe some day i will drive to the ocean
hop in a boat
and sail around some!
for mothers and honorary mothers,
a happy day.
but mostly, happy spring.
(hannah is working on the new site, i'm not there yet.)


Alice said...

Thank you for the spider weaving.

Els said...

(ahhhh great that spring is there at last !
our daffodils are long gone ...)

Barry said...

Hi V - had a look over the last few posts - a lot going on in your world - where have I been - missing in Scotland. Anyway hope the good to hear spring is happening; and hope your Cleveland trip goes well. B

Morna Crites-Moore said...

Lovely spider web and stitchwork! xo

Velma Bolyard said...

alice, the webs were a morning gift, spider and river to me to you.
els, daffs are beginning to wane here, too.
barry, scotland is a great place to be missing in! thanks for stopping by. i'm looking forward to working with shanna.
morna, thank you!

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