Friday, August 5, 2016

can't hardly think

a couple days ago
i was harvesting canada thistledown
at 6 AM
before it got hot.
 one time harvesting thistledown there were spiders
and i had to avoid them with my thanks
and respect
this day there were
it was very dewey
(no decimals)
with many lovely snails.
 at home my yard is drying up. 
not australia dry, but the soil is light tan and dusty.
the grass bristly brown
here, under the spruce and basswood
i witnessed a kestrel take a robin fledgling.
i was trying to photograph the mayhem 
(parents yelling, siblings upset)
and almost missed the whole thing.
but there was evidence, too.
 see the branch shadows and dead leaves.
this maple is dead, shed its leaves.
 there was a light show last night 
a reward for suffering through this heat!
 i saw the amazing corals 
 and a slip of a moon, below.
 this morning i walked early
and was struck by the neighbor's barn-
that perfect blue square.
 around another corner is hill road, 
it's where i've walked
 almost daily
for 30 years.
 the business of making:
work on the shiny book-needs sewing
work on botanical pressure printing- little edition (4) with bird prints coming along
work on botanical pressure printing- paper samples for HandPapermaking edition
work on prepping thistledown/make thistledown paper
day lily prints and drawings
cicadas are wailing away in the back yard
coyotes waited almost till dawn before they sang last night
or this morning
high HOT of course parched summer.


  1. Finally got a chance tonight to check your adventures here. I miss you, and the rain. Hope you are finding peace and happiness! Will be in touch soon; V comes back from camp tomorrow. ~Sarah and her unicorn

  2. sarah! i was thinking about you yesterday, wondering about unicorns and their families. i hope camp was good, i'm sure there will be stories. take good care!

  3. warming my heart & hands on your summery words, photographs & processes on this chilly wet morning just before 4am in the Land Down Under

  4. mo, you're an early riser, too? i'd rise early and stay up late if i could manage it! keep warm and safe in lovely asutralia.

  5. Hi V - sorry I have not visited much lately - can only plead business or maybe insanity or both. Anyway there has been a lot happening in your life including the paperwork. Hopefully all that will go through and then there will more freedom in many ways to be and create. Looks like your transition too autumn has started. Go well. B

  6. It sounds hot Velma! I like the light and the colours of the walks; so sorry it is so hot for you and hoping it turns cooler soon. Lots of work on the go which sounds enticing! Go well.


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