Saturday, August 20, 2016

time opens

august thinking:
this summer has been about time 
and even healing,
some work

but mostly time.
for the first time in 30 40 50 years i have time to schedule in
 my own way
 i have purchased a few things that delight me 
 i have made some things that delight me
 i have worked out new ways of thinking
new processes
 used up old papers 
prepped pulp for some new papers
i have observed how strong the moon is
when you really pay attention
and let her do her magic.
 i have been delighted by small things
like a peep through a barn
and i have rested.
i have eschewed all appointments 
and seen my doctor
and dentist
and learned to work with this aging but still vital body.
but mostly i have had
mornings when i wake with joy.
and evenings that promise


  1. Such silent and calm times, Velma. Seeing and being thankful the for small things is important - especially in troubled times.

  2. birgit, you remind me of the schumacher book-small is beautiful. and troubled times, yes, we are in them indeed.

  3. an extremely BeautyFULL post. Thank you.

  4. grace, that's a lovely thing to say! thank you

  5. time opens

    what a beautiful thought. And your photos each have an opening - somewhere, as well as timelessness.

    an open time for you that will continue into the fall


  6. i've come back to look several times already...August is
    the most Intense month for me and this post gives gentleness to it.

  7. judy, i'm glad for the gift of the change from huge daunting schedules to opening up. thanks for your wish.
    grace, welcome back! august always tilts weirdly into september here.

  8. Surely retirement is the autumn of our lives ... a wonderful, soft season of in-gathering, beautifully detailed in this post.

  9. liz, i hadn't thought of retirement in terms of season, now i will.

  10. time is so very precious - it's what we choose to do with it that makes us so individually different. enjoy each creative moment and I know you will use them wisely.

  11. jean, it's all precious and i am learning to practice a deeper gratitude...not easy when i get surly about something!

  12. so good to see you relishing this new space in time

  13. Your joyfulness reaches out in this post.

  14. mo, it's been an opening-heart sort of summer.
    hazel, thanks for letting me know-

  15. Yes, August is intense, and your harvest seems full. Time is the best gift.

  16. a lovely wander Velma - I felt uplifted by the last three lines - they let me feeling hopeful...

  17. fiona, i am so glad that my words made that happen for you. it's been a quiet and really special summer.

  18. must be just wild not going back to school this year. I remember when I stopped working, morning was like a song.

  19. Hi V - time is such a gift - it does give one space to appreciate the days and the extraordinary ordinary moments - I particularly love the dawn and dusk. B

  20. barry, edges again, dawn and duck. ecotones for a day.


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