Tuesday, August 23, 2016

new book

reading wolseley's words
heron present
 the book is taking shape 
yesterday and today
a summer's work
this great blue heron,
a gift from my love, 
rests on one of the three long fold outs.
august day.


  1. beautiful work and John Wolseley is the most inspiring, entertaining, beautiful & gentle soul I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

  2. therese, i love your heart!
    mo, thank you, and you've met him! i love the words you use here.

  3. Glad you've discovered him too, Velma. Agree with Mo Crow. I was lucky enough to do a workshop with him a few years ago in Tasmania. As well he was also artist-in-residence in the national park where I live in Sydney and I used to see him in the distance casting arches papers into the burnt out landscape - see his 'after the fires' works on that in Sasha Grishin's book. He's a delight and I'm still a bit guilty of stalking him around Victoria where he lives.

  4. jennifer, that is so lovely. his work moves me deeply, and i can totally understand watching him let the trees draw his papers.

  5. Just to say how uplifting looking in on sensitive and beautiful work is.

  6. michelle, that is very kind, thank you!

  7. the new book shows the soft, dreamy light of summer, retirement becomes you.

  8. jean, that's a kind thing to say. i AM liking the gift of time.

  9. Hi V - as others have said - the colours in the book have a softness and some very interesting colours. And of course I like that heron skull - such beautiful birds. Go well. B

  10. barry, i remember the first time i was aware of herons, i saw a green heron and a great blue in the same day.


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