Wednesday, January 25, 2017

january book arts doings

other news
small stuff:
to those of you who are so supportive
i've made a second special edition of the Little Shifu Book, 
because so many people have asked for it.
the cover is an original contact print on arches text wove
and inside there is a little shifu square
made with lokta kami-ito.
 it's available over on the new site via the button.
here's a photo taken mid-making.
also completed, 
 5 star books,
using up old prepped book parts...
one open to see the five pages
 and a long book from my stitchscape series,
number 3.
working on more, now, too.
all sewn with kami-ito on iowa or cave (flax) case paper 
or in this case 
st armand heavy weight.
 made with off-cuts from
the work of friends.
(most of them were recycled in my 
winter papermaking intensive)
 it's tall or long depending on your point of view.
 at the fold the earthskeins change inside to outside.
i do that sometimes. 
 and i threw in some leaves
and a quote from isaiah.
all are antidote to this 
horrible election.
 aimee taught me bookish corners
which i am practicing
and will continue to till they are in my toolbox
of a brain.
 here are some of the off cuts 
and one cave flax paper scrap that i printed.
 book parts and mind wanderings.
 here's a little double weave pocket with an indigo surprise.
i'm thinking of making a home for it.
 here it comes
 and... ta DA!

 i'm just done with the editing of my article for handpapermaking magazine.
about shifu and healing
due out in the summer edition.
this thing looks to me like a mind map.
disconnected dots,
or connected thoughts.
the light factory
up behind the fenced in garden
here's home,
home on the ridge
where the deer and the mink sometimes play.
my old farmhouse was viewed by some amish shoppers yesterday.
it would be cool to have 
the old place go back to old ways.
we'll see.
outside the neighbor dogs are
all riled up. 
hard to tell the difference between them 
and their coyote cousins who are causing the ruckus.


  1. that bookish corner is lovely!

  2. yes it certainly is. thanks to aimee and melissa.

  3. I love my little shifu book. and that indigo weave is delicious
    Currently I am having fun with alternative sugar sources for my little indigo pots using food waste, hopefully a blog post will go up soon
    x te

  4. You most certainly seem to have been productive inside during winter Velma - wow! What a lot of lovely things to look upon, hold and feel...The new place is looking gorgeous - and I shall be sending positive thoughts re maybe new people in the old place...
    Th mind map is brilliant t- just love it!

  5. love it ALL, keeping my fingers crossed for you and the old place.

  6. trace, when is your book going to happen??? grin. i look forward tot he post.
    fiona, thanks--the mind map is really fiona-ish, isn't it?!
    jean, thank you. thank you.

  7. Hi V- heaps of production there. Had to smile about the dots. The new place looks brilliant. Every house needs a light factory. Hope that you get a sale soon. Go well. B

  8. hi barry, many thanks, and those dots!!

  9. oooooo oooooo oooooo I'm a little bit in love and whole lot in-spired xxxxxx

  10. thanks, ronnie, it's been a good month here. not nationally, but locally, indeed!

  11. all is well without the politics.

  12. jude, thanks for the reminder. it's hard to keep it in my mind.


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