Monday, January 30, 2017

new eyes

 large and small
a squirrel
 and a stray cat that liked my porch last fall
 and over this crazy political weekend
when it seemed anything could happen-then-
nearby in quebec city horrific news.
 we had new snow
which is such a releif.
today it's colder, feels again like winter again.
not like march.
my wheels from 1970 or so.
around the place
 sunday we walked in the woods at the place i call home 
marking trees
to harvest for timber and firewood 
and forest health.
 the forester was so helpful
we learned about canopy and sunlight
and winter tree i.d.
this man even helped us decide on which trees to keep
for seed, 
a concept i hadn't thought of.
 the solar panels have to be swept snow free

 this is the stream and ridge the panels face
 and the garden
right below
spinach and beets were harvested
and eaten!
 this week, before the last snow.
hard to believe.


  1. your beautiful photos are so refreshing in this steamy hot night here in Sydney

  2. mo, it really is steamy and hot there? oh, my! being in the woods here, in winter, is a blessing way.

  3. It seems that when the news was already so deeply disturbing, it plunged to new depths over this weekend. And then coming here is so very clear and refreshing. Thank you for sharing the simple yet profound beauty that you find.

  4. stephanie, thank you for that. i, too, am trying to find balance, solace, sanctuary.

  5. good to find something peaceful in the world today, thank you.

  6. jean, desperately seeking goodness

  7. I love that there is still so much to learn in life, even at home.

  8. Big relief visiting here on a Tuesday morning in Manhattan. Your landscape is landscape of my soul. It breathes me back from the turbulent shores of National and International politics. My god what extraordinary and relentless tumbling of events. Humans NEED sanctuary in order to sustain life. Your post serves us well. Thank you.

  9. hazel, i think there's somehow the most to learn where you already know so much
    michelle, thank you. i have to get out in the snowy woods to keep myself sane. listening too much to bbc, cbc and npr can put me into deep despair.

  10. i go for sanity walks too. and gaze at the snow capped mountains. they won't last much longer as temps are back to late spring. 16-18ºc.!

  11. dare I say that barn of yours is making rather more sense than your president ?
    what a week.

  12. neki, i'm so glad you are now close to the mountains! they are good neighbors.
    india, oh, god, you're so right.


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