Friday, January 20, 2017


first, today's the day.
we made the huffington post!
this table 
full of fiber
transformed (with a lot of labor) into paper.
it's my winter paper intensive

top row: 
hosta (green) 
on cotton rag (my pants), 
linen rag (my sweetie's canvas leftovers), 
canada thistle down, 
milkweed from my meadow, 
and butterfly weed (from gin)
bottom row: 
hosta from home, 
white linen rag from a tablecloth, 
blue and gray recycled st. armond off cuts from caliban press, 
big stack of raw flax, 
wild, late-gathered milkweed from home.
hidden away is abaca 
recycled off cuts from home, st lawrence and caliban.
a little bit of dyeing.
feeling like i've accomplished something!
(with special thanks to Zone 4)


  1. supreme, abundant gorgeousness, velma !!!

  2. amazing variety of paper, do you have plans for it? loved the huffington post article.

  3. I'm simply in awe. So much beauty and hard work.

  4. Wow, amazing paper, looking forward to seeing what you are doing with it.

  5. jean, yes, plans, but more, following though from idea to thing is something i now have enough time for.
    kaija, yes! that's it exactly, they are beautiful and there was a lot of hard work. but it was very good work!
    debbie, now i can make some editions, perhaps, and a few seed ideas might get to grow.

  6. Hi V - well done you guys on the great marches - the turn out looks amazing - hope that some of the messages might get through to the Trump camp. The stash of paper just looks incredible - what a heap of work - but you must feel great about the outcome. Go well. B

  7. barry, thanks for both things. after the despair of the pre and post election, it feel good to make things and stand together.
    mo, there's a bit of work there.
    neki, aw...

  8. What an amazing array of flags and of paper - love and kindness will triumph; and oh my, paper like that just makes you want to get in and play! Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  9. fiona,yes, a lot of positive stuff to counteract the horror in washington.

  10. Thanks for prayer flags update, Velma, well done! Posted it on my fb friends page here. Lovely other sheets, too.

    Jennifer Weissel (IAPMA m-at-large, Australia)

  11. jennifer, very very cool. thanks, but they are cloth, not paper (if that matters) though many of the artists were book/paper folks.


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