Monday, June 19, 2017

all the things

this morning:
four snapping turtles
one walking, two laying eggs, and one road killed
two whitetail yearling does
one kingfisher
one mourning dove
two crows
on the way to my house from Home.
at my house i have a big trip to get ready for:
Victoria, British Columbia: Seattle and Tacoma Washington.
books to sew
paper and supplies to wrap.
organization to attempt.
here's one of a pair of osprey we spotted on vacation

sublime pie in machias
and terrific haddock and clams
 a road killed subject for the sketchbook

 at pbi i met so many remarkable people.
 two young book artists 
had work that moved me deeply
 this is michelle's book 
she made the paper and printed it letterpress
it starts quietly and builds
 and builds
 the index
and woody's book 
Words and Vegetables
 this one tickles me
type plays with story and with space
 and this book
 more typographic play with story integral to that play.
 and I have been reading 
 this book is a long essay about aboriginal ways of living 
how different their relationship to land is compared to the conquerors
a story familiar, like the one here.
only that land is so much more fragile than north america. 
Nourishing Terrains and Braiding Sweetgrass are rich resources 
for my pondering.
 and here is, again, a turtle,
from nourishing terrains in australia
but seen, 
this time of year
 hereabouts on sandy roadsides, 
diligently laying eggs.


  1. thank you for telling about this book....Nourishing Terrains

  2. grace, it's really really good.

  3. yes, and i went looking for her and found her....
    is exactly what i need in this moment....
    Thank you again

  4. glad to see you here on blogspot again Velma.

    love the books of marks and the australian turtle

    love you


  5. Swell offerings today, and you have lots to do!

  6. can't choose which one is my favorite!

  7. yay, grace
    judy, that would sing to you
    thanks michelle, it's fun to blog easily again!
    neki, no worries, they can all be favorites!

  8. Velma, I'm so glad you found Nourishing Terrains. I'm currently reading Water in a Dry Land, by Margaret Somerville. She has a chapter about this woodcut artist Badger Bates and his stories.

  9. jill, i am sorry i forgot to post badger's name above. and it's totally because of your recommendation that i found this very good book! i couldn't download your thesis, though, maybe a computer incompatibility?

  10. no worries Velma! I think Debbie Rose is a national treasure, and Braiding Sweetgrass (which I have on your recommendation) is a comparative twin bookend to Nourishing Terrains. Will send you a pdf of my thesis. xx


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