Sunday, June 18, 2017

some of the things

what i did on my summer vacation:
it was this first time i've had a vacation in years!
i played with a (moody) mermaid
walked on water with said mermaid and her friends
and then, oh then there was this place:
 we were chilled on a hot day
and spray-soaked 
and thrilled. like summiting a peak
but better.
the ocean danced with huge rocks
holding fast to the edge.
and our glasses were salt-streaked
my hair another creature completely
we fell in love.
 two days later i met llewyn
on a morning after a sleepless night for his folks
i got his attention for a little bit.
 somehow a new baby becomes
all babies
and you remember your stories
while living this new one.

i'm happy to be more fluent over here
in the blogger of my choice
but will remind all of you dear ones
that you can find my more official self 
at the other place on square space.
that's where books will be sold and events tracked and 
some day, 
a few new things.


  1. Congrats on your new grandbaby!

  2. thank you heather, he's a keeper!

  3. Don't forget to put a permanent
    link to your official website in your sidebar
    x te

  4. Oh, yes, new babies hold everything at once... Happiness to all of you!
    (ps. only 3 weeks until you're here!)

  5. trace, you are brilliant! thank you--i think if you click on the title at the top it will take you there, too.
    hazel, oh, yes!!!


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