Thursday, June 29, 2017

the ocean

here everyone takes it for granted.
but i know, the great huge pacific
lurks behind the pretty houses and the good restaurants and 
even this university,
the ocean
where sea serpents and huge weird swimming things
can spring up
arc through the air
and yep, disappear into a dream.
i have only seen glimpses
except the window looks from the plane
dense, fecund, dark and so
maybe i will have 
the least little chance
to put my toes into
the cold salty richness.
first there was the country's center
where i took no pictures
then montana
or so says my iphoto

 and then the great blue thing
 no mistaking it for lake country

 i have a tiny dorm room
overlooking a parking lot
 i have two dear ones
now in the flesh
persons made real after being etherial 
dear jean and bryan
 and a bombing 
that took place in the student union.
the university of victoria
in the not so but still far away.
where i have the privilege to teach shifu
to amazing and talented students.


  1. have wanted to visit Vancouver ever since that time I met a fellow traveller back in 1973vwho said Sydney was the best city for Peace of Mind but Vancouver was the best for Peace of Soul...

  2. wooohoo for the gorgeousness...and spending face-to-face time with BOTH jean and bryan !
    enjoy it all !

  3. mo, i can't imagine how a city could be either
    annon...who are you??? we are having a blast and working our tails off.

  4. Welcome to this edge of the world!

  5. enjoy,enjoysuch great times w. wonderful people. give bryan a hug for me.or from me or whatever,but a hug.


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