Thursday, April 12, 2018


i have amazing children.
today i'm showing you ian's recent house drawing which
 appeared on facebook this morning. 
i see it as a wee bit different, 
and though we haven't discussed it yet,
there seems to be a change of some kind.
there is a wonderful flatness that is anything but flat
a volume or a geometry happening here.
and an amazing building.
another hoosie.
and here, again,
because i love my first-born
trees and barns and landscape for this now city-dwelling man
who eeks out a living doing
drawing and carpentry.
my children, 
ian stevens
hannah stevens
amazing human beans.


  1. The details in the house ... one could get lost in them ... ever so happily lost

  2. beautiful, intricate detail in all of his work.

  3. liz and jean, i do love the intricate detail in these.

  4. I love his trees & homes. There is a freshness & an old world-liness to them. They remind me of one of my favorite picture books "Pictures of Home" by C. Thompson & touch the feeling I had looking at James Castle's work yesterday.


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