Tuesday, April 10, 2018


what a trip.
i left at 5:15 AM last thursday after having my power go out at home
and sleeping elsewhere and packing in a windstorm
and drove almost straight through to bar harbor.
i was early to the yellow schoolhouse.
mt desert island's historical association publishes 
Chebacco every year.
this year Hannah wrote an article for it. 
so i attended the launch, met nice people,
and saw my nephew Rich MacDonald, who co-authored a piece in this issue!
kudos to the family!
Hannah, archivist at College of the Atlantic, invited Yaniv Korman
who prompted her resurgence in interest
in COA's historic Sunken Garden.
hannah, her friend tyler piebes of low tide glass and i had a sidestreet cafe supper.
i stayed at hannah's place.
the floor was moving, or so I thought,
but it was internal vibration from 10 hours of driving.
(and maybe the wine?)
friday we drove down the coast to freeport where we shopped,
and then to portland and our nifty air B&B.
tyler cooked us chicken curry. 
saturday was fun and the kids met up with my great neice.
and then sunday arrived  and the book arts bazaar.
oh, my.
this wonderful young woman 
(i've lost her name) made this garment
on Black Friday.
hardwarestore drop cloth and silkscreen,
i didn't catch her name, but she had this radiant
happiness, and liked my work, too!
well, i liked hers.
and another young woman came by to tell me she likes my work.
this is amazing to me.
i caught up with friends, todd and nancy, becky, nancy, jill
had a terrific table mate on one side who made
incredible books,
no photos.
i have her permission to post these,
and please, if you happen to come by here,
send me your name!!!
and i have to say i get so tickled to read something like this:
I love it when someone wants to make paper.
and i am a professor, i guess,
melissa said so, but this student has said it, so it must be true.
adjunct is fine by me.
it's snowed on and off all day today.
i love april and it 


  1. Wow ((((Velma))) what a trip!

  2. Hi professor V - I was exhausted just reading your post but great that you were able to fit so much family and art in. Go well. B

  3. michelle, there was a lot of everything and it was pretty wonderful
    barry, i'm still recovering! isn't the professor thing something?!

  4. I was going to start with woo hoo Prof V (and saw that B had already done so - how funny). The energy from the weekend is flying thru the inter web - it sounds and feels like such a fabulous time - how great!

  5. hey, fiona, it's so funny about going full out for a while, because then i sorta flop around for a few days. i may be getting old.


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