Wednesday, April 25, 2018

loose ends

 some things to catch up on:
i used to blog pretty often,
now i seem to forget.
but i do love this, as i understand, outdated mode.
the last two days i was out in my yard making some order
out of the chaos of february's new roof construction
many storms-worth of broken trees.
i do have some stamina but i can't go flat out all day every day like i used to.
there are little green sharp roof off-cuts that I keep finding, 
those and roofing screws.
 and lots of broken asphalt shingles to clean up.
sticks and leaves and mortar and brick pieces everywhere.

in the house prep for pbi continues.

i have two copies of this little gem left, Flax Notion.
I've had good feedback from the folks who purchased a copy.
if you would like one of these that remain, 
drop an email...
i'm searching for one or two of these,
Good Wood Looms.
if you have one in great shape you'd like to sell, 
please let me know.
this photo was sitting on the desktop somehow dredged up from the depths.
it's a shifu/basket book that now lives with a book binder friend.
i love giving a book a basket to live in.
 below is a famous basket.
holding my prepped kozo being spun into kami-ito. 
 and almost the last of the roof snow
slid with a big noise off the porch roof.
(yes, i jumped) 
i'm still unused to the shedding activity and resulting noise of this roof.
the soaked and heavy chunks were not going to be moved,
i couldn't, i tried,
 so they stayed there for a few days. 
see that tangle of green?
the lightning rods and their grounding wires were frozen in for a couple months.
the rods and the 'knit' wire are copper.
rudy removed four of them and two chimneys when the roof was done.
he also removed a silly cupola from the garage.
all this debris is mine to clean up, so that's what I'm doing outside.
it's uphill work!
jude is making an even richer resource over at 
spirit cloth.
her blogging continues to inspire me as she revinvents 
what a blog is and how it works.


  1. I can't keep going like I used to.
    it makes me sad but I am adjusting to my new limits.
    I love your little book.
    Thank you for your sweet words. I try.

  2. Blogging outmoded? I believe "they" would like us to think that because the platform has resisted being monetized. Looking at the depth and breadth of content on the blogs I follow, yours included, I can only hope that someone doesn't push the delete button on them someday.

    Meantime, I value their presence in my life and thank you for the time and effort you put into Wake Robin.

  3. jude, thank you for being jude. i'm glad you like the book!
    liz, thank you so much for this. it's been wonderful to blog. it's been a life changer for me. there are about a dozen people in the north country that are interested in my work, so reaching out has been miraculous.

  4. I think the reason that folks seem to think blogging old fashioned is that it takes time. to blog, to read. pfffff. What most folks are looking for is fast, not depth. and more more more. but here we are, digging.

  5. jude. you. are. so. right. absolutely agree, and thank you for that affirmation.

  6. I love the baskets for the books - so much. And blogging; well I always think it's like comparing a nice sit down meal at home wth friends to a drive through takeaway which seems to be what all the other media platforms feel like buzzing by, scrolling by...and gulping stuff down without appreciating it. I hope blogs continue...

  7. fiona, sweet to hear that you like the basket/books. and you're right about blogging being a richer experience. thanks.

  8. I am also a big blogging fan. I’ve left it a few times over the years to try other connections, but nothing compares. Beautiful shift weaving and crocheting. Good luck finding a lovely loom or two. The big noise happened here as well, more ice than snow, and it cost a $500 deductible to fix the hood of my car parked next to the house. After hitting the car, the ice bounced into the garage door which still has a few dents. I no longer park next to the house.

  9. barbara, too bad about your ice damage. shifu continues to fascinate me, and i use crochet because it's so old in my haptic knowing.


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