Monday, April 19, 2010

highs and lows and ticks

yesterday i was carrying around a load of garbage, who knows why. it was annoying to my daughter, and to myself, but i kept it up. i asked her to photograph me spinning lokta for an article, and i hated the pics. hated them. i am too old, fat, stupid, odd, clumsy, weird. it was a hard thing to fight, and i lost the battle. today, i woke knowing i was in a better head space and that i would be ok. even when i found a tick crawling up my shirt (the first one since i lived in kentucky 30 years ago) i was fine. who knows where these demons come from? not me. i got some spinning, weaving, photos, a walk, yoga, lots done, but when i look at this thing i realize this: hannah will be leaving in a week or so for the summer. it's another change. wendy will be sad. i might be sad, too. 


aimee said...

you aren't any of those things. well, maybe weird. but not in a bad way. i am glad the tick was only crawling and not making a home. it will be a change, and you and wendy will be sad, but then it will pass. my mom can tell you all about it; i do it to her all the time. she even taught me a word in korean to explain how it makes her feel and i've already forgotten it. such are children.

neki desu said...

don't compliment yourself that much. you're just weird :)careful with ticks.
on another note, does the sign mean that industrial garbage is ok???

Velma said...

seems to be some agreement on weird, here.

Jeana Marie said...

There are many things worse than weird. Like oddly normal...
Glad the tick didn't bite! Nasty things.
You will miss her.
She'll probably miss you too.

mjc said...

Actually, I feel you on the photos. So I must be weird, too. I agree with both Jeana and Aimee on the missing / sadness.

jude said...

i am weird.

cbolyard said...

i hate my photographs so bad that i still haven't found one to scan for my profile pic.........if i could choose from weird , and normal...........i would choose weird everytime.

there really is no such thing as normal anyway!

Velma said...

three cheers for WEIRD!!!!!!

Kathy said...

You wrote:
i am too old, fat, stupid, odd, clumsy, weird.

Oh cripey! How many times have I said THAT to myself??!! Do you think we beat ourselves up in order to get moving or what?

As for missing daughters, I used to cry every time I had to leave mine (at her dad's, at college, etc.) and now cry even more to leave her and the grand daughters. It's a happy hurt.

Just discovered your blog (through Hand/Eye) and am hooked. And now feeling even more "... old, fat, stupid, odd, clumsy, [and] weird."

Thank you for the shot of beauty.

Velma said...

thanks, kathy. join the weird!!!

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