Friday, April 16, 2010


deer fuzz?
spider silk???
it's fern fuzz. not sure if these are the edible fiddleheads, that is ostrich ferns, but i was prepared to try. i steamed five of them, but then read more about the wrong fiddleheads. trying to figure out if they're edible without getting sick. i chickened out, but maybe tomorrow i'll try it again. i am such a wimp! thanks for the guesses, they were fun!


neki desu said...

i know the japanese eat fern shoots in soups and stir fried. will look it up for you. anything to bring the grocery bill down :) :)
fiddleheads you call them ?

Velma said...

fiddleheads are a big thing "down east" (maine) and they grow here, but i'm not completely certain if my ferns are ostrich ferns, the ones with the edible fiddleheads, or another closely related fern. here most people only eat wild leeks in the spring. each region has its traditions.
fiddlehead refers to the shape of the new shoots, like the scroll end of a fiddle.

jude said...

i wonder if you can spin it? and then eat it. fern fuzz... ha!

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