Wednesday, April 14, 2010

rough night=low daytime activity

i had one of those strange nights, slept maybe three hours. ugh. so i'm a bit of a zombie today, fit for little. so i took some pictures of the bloodroot experiments. i have more to go, but this was today's work.
this photo is oddly disturbing...
this one has a bit of that quality, but you can see the ecoprints i started yesterday. only yesterday. it will be a month!!! yikes.
and this jar just has some silk, some linen and bloodroot in water.
old sol doing his job. too cold outside for being still, which is what i want to do (a sun nap would make me very happy).


Manya Maratou said... I looked it up, out of curiosity, and the article was rather it the same plant?
the sun is getting hotter over here. The dogs are happy, my body is happy,the flowers are not very happy, since it hasn't been raining, they are going towards seed very quickly.
greetings from Greece

Hannah said...

The last photo looks like a totally different household...

neki desu said...

i'm very curious about the bloodroot dyeing.
don't think it grows over here.

Eva said...

Ha! My first thought was of bandages and injuries. It's called bloodroot for a reason :) But to a dyer it's very exciting. A month is long time...

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