Thursday, April 15, 2010

slippery elm and saranac

i had a longing to go into the mountains today, so i drove to saranac lake. i passed this old guy at sevey corners. 
wendy the border collie and i visited lake flower, where i ate a deli lunch and she explored sticks and the water's edge. she loves this park, which was quiet until we met up with a llewellyn setter and a king charles spaniel. lovely dogs, and wendy behaved herself.
i thought about my slippery elm explorations as i drove. wendy occasionally put her nose in my right ear and grunted hello. she likes "going for a ride". alot. i wondered where the elm would go. at nori's village market i saw slippery elm lozenges for my sore throat. i figure, i'll just chew on some of my bark, instead of paying $3.00.
i was able to finally get a consistent braid from the inner elm bark.
i do need a thinner braid, however, about 1/3 to 1/2 the size here, if i want a more usable weaver. i am working toward something a bit more flexible and textile-ish.
basket detail, purchased in bar harbor, maine, 2009
this was woven by matthew dana, a maine native american basket maker, who asked the elders before he started if it was appropriate for him to use cedar, arbor vitae, to weave into baskets. he received their approval, before he began.
actually i had to buy this one. it is small, traditional, but very, very non-traditional.
sweetgrass, cedar, and black ash. sewing basket style. it smells heavenly.
this is a quiz! i harvested this from my yard. do you know what it is?


r said...

wow, i too would love to go for a ride to those destinations , looks glorious!
as is the basket, a beautiful purchase..
and as for the quiz ... ???

Virginia said...

Molly Bryn wisely guesses that this is "some sort of plant fuzz" Bryan is a bit more specific and thinks it may be the inner fibers of horse chestnut stalks? It's certainly not cattails or milkweed.

Did Wendy obey the no swimming sign?

neki desu said...

deer down????
would love to live in one of those houses overlooking the lake

Velma said...

hint: i think i can make paper from it and i have a report it can be spun.

jude said...

no idea, but i like the braid as a weaving element.

Anonymous said...

the braid is beautiful! i have a palm tree that sheds a beautiful fiber that i have always thought should be used in basketry. next time i have one will photo it. perhaps you could use it?

the mystery fiber? looks like something off the bark of a sub tropical tree. just a crazy guess.

Velma said...

ginny--wendy doesn't read...

Dianne said...

I was offline last night so I saw the fiddleheads before the riddle... I would never have guessed it... We have different species down here... mostly with brown fuzz. Sounds like you and Wendy had a nice day. Your braids are very nice... but I know nothing about weaving...

Anonymous said...

cool- fiddleheads. i even like the word.

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