Monday, March 11, 2013

another blue

 the sky, the snow, the land
 the beaver dam
 i was too timid to cross
 little drainages
 one the beaver did not
 blue and blue and some red catkins
 the stream north
 and south
 shadow play
 gold and silver
 and magic to draw you in
the pantone postcard project
i am getting used to 
not being homebound by necessity
and love. 
strange freedom.


  1. Enjoying BLUE mixed in with all the white... and green, here, constantly with the hemlocks.

    I know that feeling of bound to home. Having a cat that is somewhere closer to a dog... who needs to go for walks and cannot STAND being home alone too long. Well... I make decisions based on him. People think I'm a little crazy ( they're right) but, I just think of it as doing my time as if I had children - and he's waaaay less expensive :)

  2. feels a little rudderless, strange after all these years.

  3. They do this to us....more than any other.

  4. Ruder less is an apt description, though the freedom to wander into the blue world is a kind of consolation. What wonderful photos as always...such noticing. Still, I know--I know. Your original post and the subsequent one had me reminiscing, so I posted a nameless reference to critter-loss and a moving poem by Wislaw Szymborsca in a part of my own last blog post. My friendship to you.

  5. it is amazing how much of our daily routine revolves around furry friends, and how we don't realize it until there is a terrible emptiness. the pictures are gorgeous, I hope you are finding comfort in your beautiful outdoors.

  6. the comforting murmur of the brook.

  7. nancy, yes
    ms, i will travel over to read soon--been on th erun a bit
    jean, yes, the land offers huge consolation
    neki, it sings and chuckles and whispers...

  8. V- looks like the land is coming to life again; maybe difficult to enter the spirit of joyous times without your trust companion but her spirit will still walk with you. B

  9. barry, yes, just beginning to ice out, and i'm adjusting.

  10. i love seeing what the beaver's did & did not do...i wonder why, when they were so close?


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