Sunday, March 17, 2013


 this is the way
the silk fell 
and this script
could be read
many ways
like a poem can
 not so much these large ones
who move through winter
with magesty
 who know the signs of springing
the redwings, the starlings, the cardinals, the chickadees
and all are singing
their spring songs
 color paints the sky,
then white outs 
this one with thunder
 i'm moving through 
this time
and soon i'll have some news up here
but not just yet.
sunday morning breakfast:
pancakes with brand new maple syrup!


  1. Sunday morning pancakes.... hmmmm sounds delicious especially when its snowing.

  2. Threads are speaking to you.

    I saw my first turkey vulture on the way to work last week... SURE sign of spring!

  3. robyn, they were delicious!
    valerie, more for them to eat, too (road kill)

  4. ...and not always frozen during the day anyway.

  5. thread calligraphy.... yes

    fresh maple syrup --- yes please!

  6. roz, i know you do!
    ronnie, when i visit oz, i bring maple sugar candy. when you visit me, i make you maple cake, and take you to the orebed sugar shack!


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