Tuesday, March 19, 2013

some news: pod cast

the incredible aimee lee 
forwarded me this message 
from susan mills

Hi Aimee and Velma,

Your podcast is posted - thank you so very much for participating in this series.
Have a wonderful spring, 
this means that aimee interviewed me for susan mills'
book arts podcasts.
it's a touch hard for me to talk about my work
i'm not used to it.
but i must say that aimee 
made it simple for me, she did all the hard work,
figuring out the technology.
if you have a bit of time,
go check it out. 
i've been doing a bit of dyeing, too
 ecoprints for a 


aimee said...

oh, you did a lot of the hard work, too!! i am just so happy it is out in the world for everyone else to enjoy and learn from. cannot wait to see how the sutras turn out; the papers are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I've listened to the podcast-twice! it was so great to hear both of you. the papers are breath taking. :)

ronnie said...

wouldn't you know it - I've downloaded the podcast (but haven't yet taken the road trip where I listen to all my saved up podcasts)... ooooooo I'm so looking forward to it now! I listened to aimee lee's interview from a few weeks earlier and LOVED it! ahhhhh podcasts - so much more entertaining than what's on offer on TV these days....

oooo and I'm lovin' those prints too V --- yum yum

neki desu said...

woo1 on to the podcast.
now i'll feel that i "really" know you :)

Alice said...

Those ecoprints are glorious. I've downloaded the podcast onto my iPod and will listen to you this afternoon while I am weaving. Looking forward to it!

Penny Berens said...

Congratulations! I listened and so enjoyed hearing your story.

Suzanna said...

I loved hearing you!

mjc said...

I'm so happy you're out there! I just wish I could hear them...yours and Aimee's too.
The paper is gorgeous.

Velma Bolyard said...

you all make me feel so good!!! thank you all for your comments. and melissa, it totally sucks, but we have had wonderful in person talks and for sure there are fewer "ahhhh's and um's" in those.

Barry said...

V-congratulations; and such productivity on the paper front - it must be Spring. Go well. B

Sophie Munns said...

This is so good to read about Velma!
funny how we can think moments of being recorded are to be avoided at all costs! And give ourselves a hard time over it. And yet... I read of all the enthusiasm and appreciation which tells me that the thought of it was far more discomforting than any response you've had.

Shall enjoy listening to it for sure! good to see what you have been creating... lovely!

Leslie said...

Beautiful prints! Going to hear that podcast now.

Sophie Munns said...

This was such wonderful listening Velma.
I was transported to your part of the world and I learnt so much of the life around you, going back in time, what brought you to here now.
Really it was magic. I so loved hearing your voice and all kinds of nuanced bits and pieces.
Bravo ... I'll be sharing this for sure.
ps I'm a huge fan of good radio and talking books... whats not to love about this unique piece of story-telling!

mansuetude said...

Just propped ipod on kitchen island while cutting vegies for a broth, listening to you. Wonderful to know you better. The small bit about the "edge" is fascinating. Jane Hirshfield, talked about that threshold place as sacred space.

Velma Bolyard said...

barry, sophie, leslie, m, i just hope i sounded half way intelligent. i was so unsettled to talk (not to aimee, that's fine) about me so much. not used to that!

kathyd said...

velma it was awesome to hear your voice and talk about your work .
it made my sunday morning.

Velma Bolyard said...

thanks kathy, i appreciate this!

Mo Crow said...

lovely to hear you speak about how your work has developed over time with the land

Velma Bolyard said...

thank you so much, mc

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