Tuesday, March 5, 2013

drawings in snow

 a few lines
 thick and thin
 slender curves
old and newer posts

 old and newer wires
corners going, leaning down
falling north
looking east


  1. bleak beauty--simple--oddly comforting.

  2. You are living in a black & white world these days! Lovely line drawings.

  3. Barbed wire has such a lovely stitch-rhythm to it - musica. I'm particularly fond of the top image.

    More snow off and on this week, they say. And, since I'm on break, maybe I'll get that snow shoe in finally!!

  4. I like the way you see things.
    These are great.

  5. yes the first one , the posts at centre and the wire spreading away into space it seems, held horizontal by its own desire to be.

  6. just think of the fun you could have with good "snowball snow"..adjusting the drawing by adding blobs of snow to the wire
    and shifting the recorded image
    to one of running stitch.

    doesn't work so well with dust, which is all i have to hand here.

  7. ms, i really loved them
    alice, yes, but so many variations on b&w
    valerie, you're having a snowy good time, too!
    thanks, susan
    roz, yes.
    india, maybe we could mix them together and give it a try?

  8. Love these ... something I didn't hardly notice when I was living where there were lots of these fences ... suddenly I notice we don't have them here in the city! Those barbed lines of wire are the hooky lines of reverie.

  9. These images are just so beautiful V - I love the drawings the wire and posts make, it would be hard to improve upon them. The one with the two posts on the right and the curl of wire and the lines - sigh.

  10. fiona, i DID think of you when i was putting these photos together

  11. So long as they don't bind you in it is fine - sorry couldn't help but think this but they are beautiful shots and they are close to my heart as a country girl myself!!


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