Sunday, May 12, 2013


 snapping princess
 she fiercely stood her ground
dangerous ground, 
the middle of the road
country road though it was, 
 i moved her, 
knocking off
 her mucky camouflage
in the process
and hearing fierce annoyance 
 and this lady, all painted and lovely,
also protested
 but i did move her ever so carefully, 
no stick needed 
this week, mid-sinusitis
i bought a sun hat.
the same day the painted lady
survived the road,
for a while. forever, 
i hope.
now, sunday evening, two doctors,
various health procedures and meds,
one dentist later,
i am on the mend.


  1. An act of mercy is good karma for healing, and so, I think is that really swell hat!~Oh do be well soon. The days are turning colder for a while. Stay bundled.

  2. Oooh turtles (swoon)!! Love the hat and so glad you're on the mend! One of the first days with my guy, he stood in the road, in front of a car and used a stick to gently send a huge tarantula on its way!

  3. mend! mend! i command thee mend gods

  4. life has so many fierce moments.

  5. With such a great hat you will surely be well.

  6. Wow .. we love similar things!! I posted photos of a baby alligator turtle a few years back .. they are amazing creatures aren't they?

  7. ms and nancy, karma...who knows, but once my son told me a story of riding with other boys and trying to kill these beasts... that did it. i'm forever on a mission. there was one bigger than here snapper dead on the way to work today. damn.
    neki, please!
    jude, yes. she was doing the right thing.
    alice, haven't had a hat in ages, so hopefully...
    tammy, i love turtles, mostly because they are so unconcerned with our doings.

  8. Look at that tail. She is one wild and crazy dinosaur!

  9. --what a prehistoric looking lady, wonder if the mud bath did her wrinkles any good?

  10. kristin and jean, she was mighty fierce and not happy about being encouraged across the road. not happy AT ALL.

  11. I have rolled up, door open, and reached snatched up the shellers, if friendly, pony express style and driven them to the nearest pond. Those dinosaurs always get moved via stick - I had a newborn hatchling cave in my pinky fingernail..still scarred all these years gone by.

  12. love the hat! not love the sinusitis...

  13. I'm a turtle-toddler too ( just made that up, means one who toddles across roads bearing turtles, or poking one with a stick lest they lose a toe) Last year - I might have shared this before - I poked a copperhead to move along, thinking it was a milksnake...

    Glad you are on the mend!

  14. deb, a turtle scar, now that's a fine one to bear.
    ronnie, agreed
    valerie, a copperhead?! where? i like turtle toddler or maybe turtletoodler! they DO have 'tude!

  15. very glad you are on the mend V... here's to a better week!

  16. I love turtletoodler - I looked at her face and thought - wow! Go girl. She sure does have 'tude.

    What a week or so - there is nothing like being flattened on so many fronts. i hope you have a better week this week. F

  17. fiona, those old grumpy faces hide stuff i can only guess at...though my friend says swimming with them is a non-scary thing...

  18. I've never seen one with a tail like that. Prehistoric and dinosaur indeed!

  19. minka, snapping turtles use their tails, as well as their claws and big strong jaws very skillfully


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