Sunday, October 19, 2014

12 moons

home again
this book is making me happy
it's been shown and has now returned.

it opens up in
various ways:
as with opening our hearts,
and lives,
opening can be an adventure.
there's even a soft woosh.
 it contains drawing
a winter of work.
serious play (as carol blinn calls it)
on silk, shifu, flax, cotton & lokta
paper and cloth.
fear and joy and sadness,
 mapping consciousness,
if that's possible,
 rich and luscious fiber
this book pleases me more than i can say
i am happy
i find that i want to hold this one
and imagine it accompanying
two sections
four x's
a bit of shell
filled with folded explorations
of season, mood, weather, luck, and happiness.
a book.
12 moons.


Anonymous said...

it's wonderful, I can only imagine what it feels like. is this the one that was lost and then found?

Velma Bolyard said...

jean, yes, FOUND! and i'm very happy!

Mo Crow said...

I love this book Velma and am so glad it's back safe & sound!

Debbie said...

This is just so beautiful I feel it would be so good to touch

Velma Bolyard said...

mc, yep--it was found easily
debbie, oh, it does feel good. the dyeing softened the shifu a bit, making a fine textile

Bonnie Klatt said...

Beautifully created. Beautifully described. Thank you for sharing, Velma.

Velma Bolyard said...

bonnie, thank you. i've decided it's about time i show a bit more of what i'm working on, thanks for this-

Fiona Dempster said...

A huge sigh of relief floated across the ocean on its safe return - what a book, so many stories and ways of being... and well yes- please show more of what you're doing!

Velma Bolyard said...

fiona, fiona, i heard that! thanks!

Barry said...

V- a very wild book - in the best sense of colour texture, folds etc. And am glad it has been shown, appreciated and returned safely. B

jude said...

very beautiful

Velma Bolyard said...

thanks, jude.

neki desu said...

found mapping consciousness.perhaps the beginning of something?

Velma Bolyard said...

neki, yes, it's part of a long series, actually.

Judy Martin said...

gorgeous, just gorgeous

Velma Bolyard said...

judy, thank you

mansuetude said...

Judy stole my exact word.
Gorgeous, Velma. Sensual eloquent earthy

Velma Bolyard said...

m, lovely, thank you.

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