Monday, October 13, 2014


 i will admit my chagrin
when i opened the work table drawer
amidst the measuring tools, the binding threads
the plastic bags saved for reuse
a little mouse had made ready for winter.
 the seed cache was lovely
but the mice in this old farmhouse
keep me constantly on my toes.
 and the rabbits at the new place
helped themselves to the garden
less than 24 hours before we picked 
for a special supper for visiting children...
 stems left, mostly.
last night
i had one tiny bite
of wild woodcock
eating from the land.
returning later to add this:
my first known bite was not a connect
and i took three more off my body.
after the first frost
is apparently the worst time for ticks.
 i was shocked today to see this daylily
and took home the spent blossom
for bundling into the latest batch of contact prints.
while working away this afternoon, 
more tooth broke.
dentist tomorrow.


Valerianna said...

I think the earth is confused, or just doing whatever the heck she wants cause I swear I heard junos singing their spring songs the other day and have seen things blooming that shouldn't be. Oy, daylilly, well, good for bundling, but still. Sorry about the tooth!

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, yes, a late autumn again, a boon, but so weird. the tooth, oy, well, i have an appointment tomorrow.

Judy Martin said...

Hi velma
I've been away from visiting your blog for a while, but tonight I sat down and had a good old read. So much has happened to you in the last couple of weeks - I am so sorry to read about the folded artwork, and the missing artwork.
As I was reading through the old posts it occurred to me that your blog is such a wonderful journal for you to look at in future. You've really caught the mood of the fall - and I am sorry, but I feel that you are in a down mood.
Even though you keep finding cheerful things like butterflies and day lilies, you are sad, and I am sorry.

Take good care of yourself and those old teeth. Your beautiful new house will soon be a haven, and all will be good.


Penny said...

Not a good week, ticks, so glad we don't have them here and anything that eats stuff in my vegetable garden, well enough said. To top it off broken teeth, I feel for you.

Velma Bolyard said...

judy, perceptive as always. i'm ready to move but i have a house to sell first.
penny, yes, these are all a pain, but i got some book ideas brewing up through last night's weird sleep, so not all is lost!

Mo Crow said...

a Day Lily in October in the lake country whilst it's strangely cold here in the Land Down Under wearing layers and scarves and wooly socks... a bi-polar world indeed

Velma Bolyard said...

mc, i suppose we are in lake country...

Anonymous said...

yikes - a resident mouse, another tooth, nibbling bunnies and most terrible of all ticks. not good!sending you warm thoughts and a big hug.

Velma Bolyard said...

jean, the dentist did his magic yesterday, only one tooth left to deal with. the warm spell mans the mice are on sabbatical--they'll show up when it cools off.

Barry said...

Hi V - all the challenges of life lived in the country - pity that the wildlife feel they have to share the indoors. The seasons are weird - today we feel wee are back to winter on the mountain. Hoping you can move into that new house before it gets too cold. Best of luck with the took. B

neki desu said...

the challenges of nature.
talk about weird seasons here people are still going to the beach because weather and waters are still warm.

Velma Bolyard said...

barry, and still i 'd choose country over city life
neki, we don't have any idea what in the world is happening.

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