Monday, March 28, 2016

distance seeing

naomi and i spotted them from a distance
but they seemed familiar
something like adventure based counseling
or new games
they were playing soccer
sort of
after listening to the intricacies of football, footie, baseball, rugby, soccer (shudder)
my mind just couldn't grasp it all.
the park was generous and lovely, game fields galore,
when these guys appeared on the horizon,
then up close.
they were an odd metaphor for me:
how this trip has been,
supported by hope and kindnesses
and buffeted by crowds and crazy weather
and unexpected caring.
hugs and closeness and good conversations.
i kept my eyes open, mostly
and was happily surprised time and time again.
sometimes you have to be 
deep in 
before you see
that it's going to be all right.
worth it.
even better, making
and keeping 
celebrating them.
(thinking particularly of two: frankie and will)
coming home late 
after too many hours pining away on an airplane
or running like mad in airports
(mostly the dread LAX)
i am home, rested some
and ready to go back to work
for the final weeks... months of teaching.
may a soft bubble be there for you when you need it.
 adventures are wonderful
cominghome is, too.
weather report: 
last night at the place i call home
i heard a half dozen woodcock
singing down the night.
with great good cheer.
welcome home.


  1. welcome home Velma!
    Those bubble people are wonder full.

  2. judy, thanks. and they raised our spirits and made me happy.

  3. welcome home!may a bubble be with you

  4. welcome home, Velma. hope the hooligans have a quiet semester, the weather is great and you are overwhelmed with new ideas and inspiration. Hugs.

  5. neki, bubbles away!
    jean, me, too. the first day promises more of the same old stuff! but the weather is amazing and once jet lag is done i will be super again!

  6. We miss you!! I was thinking of you today - remembering that it was just a week ago that we were looking at Japanese fabrics, playing with the dyepot and talking talking talking.

    There's a lonesome Velma-shaped space in our home xxx

  7. felicity, it's seldom that i feel so at home, in every sense. just a week...

  8. wild & weird! just the ticket for a smile. welcome back, appreciated soaking in the vicarious travels with you.

  9. cindi, life just gets weirder and more wonderful. and thanks for reading and being supportive--in every sense!

  10. x fingers next time you will have time for a detour to Sydney!

  11. mo. maybe! i've been asked for next year...

  12. jude, thank you. welcome spring, too, however it is being


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