Friday, March 11, 2016


what a trip.
need i say that there was a glitch
in ottawa/toronto?
then an almost miss in LA,
after being the last one on the plane,
and 15 hours 50 minutes
and australia was here.
quantas didn't give me a snack all night,
but i'm not about to faint away!
trace willan's exhibition
and her friendship and naomi stevenson's 
a very very strong piece
 we did some errands in melbourne
ate tapas
 at naked for satan
 and still the luggage travelled.
to sydney
to melbourne
and finally to felicity's
where i was nurtured by a famous parsonage
 and some notes
 in the most friendly boy's room ever.
 the trip to the grampians was hot. 
we had weather in the 90's.
 three plus hours in a car
with the lovely anne newton
 arrival at #32
my home for 6 nights.
 first there was a 2 day class
sharing of skills...
 returnees and newbies and new skills, too
 mixing it up
 a ring of shifu
 words and mitsumata and walnut
 stitching on inked pages
there were 15 students in each class.
did i say it was hot?
 new learning.
 shifu appears.
 first viewing of the classes works.
a hot hot HOT wind blew mightily.
eventually rain came after more teasing of heat.
a dad and his five kids 
traveled through each morning.
 my cabin kitchen where
i made much tea.
 then the four day class came along
and anne, well anne drove me everywhere.
thank you so much my friend.
see her wee leather weights?
(and more to come...)


  1. Oh my V - what great trip despite all the wrangling with airlines. and so hot! Sorry to have missed you, but it looks like you have had a fine time -so pleased for you. Continue to enjoy Oz!

  2. fiona, i will most truly miss you and barry. remembering that fish and chips place and wonderful conversation with you two!

  3. Can´t stop watching those pictures again and again, especially the paper-weaving and embroibery. It must be a great experiance to join your classes....australia, so far away.
    I´m excited and curious. What are these weights for, to flatten the paper?

  4. brigit, more pics to come (i have ever so many). yes, bookbinders use all manner of weights for handling their book blocks and book parts. check out shanna leino's at her store.

  5. gosh, not one snack in 15 hours ?! yikes, I would have fainted for sure! good to see the photos of all the work getting made & look forward to seeing more!

  6. What a wonderful time you're that you've arrived. Sorry about the travel woes. Wishing you a grand time for the remainder of your stay.

  7. Sad not to have been there but probably just as well as I don't do hot anymore.Sounds/looks like wonderful classes and hope your return trip will be easier.

  8. mo, no, i did have breakfast...
    jennifer, it's been amazing and the hot, well we all shared it, so ther is that!
    penny, yeah, it was killer. but it's still warmer than it should be, but it's fine.

  9. I find your descriptions of the plane and the heat very interesting - I've agreed to go to Australia next April (2017) to teach and am worried about the long plane trip that is necessary.

    Still - so exciting to be in another hemisphere - and to be able to share your life's work and passion with others. Congratulations on your work, dear Velma.


  10. happy to hear you arrived safely - from one weather extreme to another.
    Despite the heat, looks like you are having a wonderful time in Oz. Keep the pictures coming.

  11. judy, depending on your destination, etc, april is further on into fall so it shouldn't be as hot as it's been here. the plane trip is an absolute killer. if you can, plan several days to get back into your body. yoga and walks would be ideal. i had no time for this, but i had a quiet and nurturing accommodation.


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