Tuesday, March 1, 2016

new work coming along

waiting in the ottawa airport
because there is a snowstorm in chicago
 i decided to put these little things
photographed on a dreary, cloudy, sleety day
 up for your looking.
 a couple of baskets and a tiny shifu book
the book lives in the basket
the little basket is resting on the bigger one.
 the fiber is hemp, hand harvested and spun by 
mari yamaguchi
the pages are lokta shifu.
as yet, wordless.
like me, 
sitting in the airport, waiting.
i will be in the toronto airport for hours, too. 


  1. oh, our hopes for easy travel, foiled! but i LOVE seeing these pictures of what you described yesterday. i hope you have safe, if not efficient, travel to oz!

  2. thanks, aimee, fingers crossed that the LA connection connects!

  3. Thanks for posting the lovelies altho marooned in airport-land !
    And I see that you have completely changed the look of your blog as well ... tis very tidy & *clean* over here ;>))
    Best wishes for safe travel, Velma.

  4. ah, my friend, that would be the work of my amazing daughter hannah. she keeps dragging me into the ethers as i drag my feet!

  5. they look like pockets made from moss...delightful

  6. Love these wonderful tiny objects, Velma !

    (hope the weather gets better soon ...)

  7. Nice to see there is an upside to hanging around in airports, albeit it is us benefiting not you. Don't fret all will be well. x te

  8. india, they do, i love how your eyes see! they aren't as soft, though.
    els, thank you, they are so small!
    trace, endeavoring to be fret-free. sigh. not there yet.

  9. oh, nasty, winter weather still hanging on in the East. Hope you are soon on your way and the rest of the trip is all good. LOVE the teeny tiny lovelies. Keep us posted

  10. Velma
    I'm sorry we have the other extreme here in Melbourne. A very late heatwave! Currently 34C.

  11. ♥ your dainties. airports suck.
    enjoy the warm weather in oz.


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