Monday, March 21, 2016

last workshop

out my window i had SUCH a view!
 my hosts run a garden gallery
where this goat resides.
i would indeed take him home if i could!
 the outside part of the shop
 all part of the winrergarden in geelong
 my class liked prepping papers for kami-ito
 they used the last of the mitsumata 
and mulberry papers i brought with me
and thoroughly enjoyed the ink sticks and walnut and kakishibu
 some looms were built
 beryl, my matriarch, 80 years young
worked long and hard
and was a delight.
 my hostess gillian
tidied up and ready to prep her papers.
 more papers with wonderful patterning
the experimenter kerrie!
 a finished weft-faced square of shifu
 i couldn't resist the purple!
 out back of the art center where the geelong class was held
(and thank you embroider's guild)
were these.
geelong was a big wool export site back in the day
as my students would say.
these relics i would also like to have 
at home. 
home is calling me, and i have this week in melbourne
time with friends
the distinct possibility of some very good ice cream
and hopefully fish and chips
and good conversations and fun and peacefulness
on my spring break
before i enter the great bird
for the long trip
back to my sweet north country.


  1. It has been fascinating to follow along, Velma. It appears that you and all involved have had a fabulous time. Enjoy the remaining days!

  2. stephanie, it's been an amazing time.

  3. Have been enjoying a great virtual journey with you. Happy trails.

  4. neki, my students have been amazing and really worked hard.
    alice, trails almost leading home, thanks!

  5. looks like everyone worked very hard. safe trip home.

  6. jean, they did, i think i gently coaxed the embroiders guild tight out of their comfort zone!

  7. thanks for sharing the wonder Velma!


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