Thursday, July 7, 2016

being here

what a day.
this morning i posted on the facebook shifu group page 
a notice about this
and within a little while i had eight new orders
plus one not yet verified.
holy cow.
anyway, susan byrd*
who moderates over there
said of course you should post about it. 
i went to the post office after the rains.
 (there were major downpours)
but not until after i got in a good walk.
 hence all the morning photos.
 i'm fascinated by the structures farmers build.
 even this one looks good
with round bales in the sunshine
 staghorn sumac is *almost*
 and here is the stag
 so curious that i'm out 
at 6 am
see his "horns"? 
 and now he's off.
 i've been gathering up the done blossoms
into the freezer they go
for fall printing.
please, if you have a button related story
go over to this site and think about yours
and submit! 
this is perfect for the stitchers amongst us.
and who hasn't a button story?
  last night
for something different
i peeled up some slippery elm bark
and twined a yard or two
 which made my hands very happy
 i've been thinking about 
trying to process bark in different ways.
i prepped up a half dozen more
Poor (Wo)man's Asparagus.
 and this:
this is a new road into the woods.
as the crow flies it's about 1/2 mile away, 2 miles by road.
i tried to buy this property several years ago.
a new family purchased an old dairy farm and wanted to sell a bit of it.
i walked the land and loved the high rocky ridges.
but went to the owner with questions:
is that dump yours? what will be done with it?
for there was a dump on the land,
plastic toys and garbage and JUNK.
he was annoyed by the question.
and suddenly he could no longer quote me a price for the land.
the next year he sold that portion
and a hideous trophy house was built,
and then another,
and now, another road into the woods.
we would have been good neighbors, 
instead, mr. organic back to the land farmer,
has mc mansions for neighbors.
serves him right.
and i know about his dump.
so do you.
* author of A Song of Praise For Shifu


  1. ok. starting here again. i don't get around on blogs much these days unless they show up in my email box. that's how i keep up with jude. can one follow by email here? i shall look into it with google. i don't use my google site either so rarely go there but must figure out to keep up with you.

    thanks for putting your book out there. can't wait to see it.
    twining... i just love it. out in the garden i constantly test this and that for twining. it keeps my hands busy and my mind free to wander

  2. glennis, i do have this new website that i'm supposed to be blogging on, hence me not doing much here, but i haven't had time to sit down with tech support (who is going to an archivist's enclave in california for two weeks...)sigh. milkweed might be happening soon here, too. haven't seen one monarch though.

  3. may that soft, gentle morning light shine on all of us.

  4. oh, jean, we do need that. lots of it.


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